The Rugby Thread (Part 2)

Sure what sort of rubbish is that? They googled Irish players abroad and brought in Michael bent. Photoed him with a Hurley and capped him.

Kleyn was good enough to makes the subs for the boks with their second row options. He completely out performed James Ryan for 18 months and wasn’t good enough for a cap?

Funny how a lot of the blue eyed media turned on schdimt after picking Kleyn ahead of toner in 2019.

That decision didn’t go down well.

Frisch is a better player than mccloskey. Aki is 34 and is hanging on for a lions tour. Henshaw and ringrose both have a lot done and have had injury woes and they still wouldn’t give frish a chance?

It’s terrible from farrell.


Sure that’s what rubby is, A Corporate Gig. Nobody really gives a flying fuck


I give a flying fuck.

It’s hard believe anyone takes it seriously nowadays. It’s such a sterile subject and a death trap of a game

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Yes the Bent episode was farcical and made us a laughing stock. It’s good to see we’re not going to cap every player with an Irish granny that rocks up.

I’d disagree that Frisch is better than McCloskey, McCloskey is class, but anyway they play different positions. Frisch might yet play his way into the Ireland camp, maybe he’ll be involved for the summer tour. He’s only two years younger than ringrose by the way.

By your reasoning Farrell should cap every player in Ireland with a foreign link in case they go elsewhere. That’s clearly nonsense.

I never once suggested that.

Mccloskey is average and is only in the Irish squad because he could leave Ulster and that would weaken them significantly.


Nucifora joining the oz set up too

Is there? You wouldn’t know they play rugby union if you’re in Australia

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That’s true, but Aki has been one of irelands best players for the last couple of seasons.

It helps that he’s not Irish.

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That Frisch lad has told Munster and Irish rubby to fuck off, as per Murray Kinsella.

Nice work Andy Farrell

John Ryan got for 3 games now.

Injuries crippling the Limerick hurlers, Munster and man United.

When it rains it pours as they say.

@BruidheanChaorthainn view - Irish rugby fucked up by by not capping Frisch over superior players like Henshaw, Ringrose

Frisch view - I want to play for France

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He’s 27! I thought he was a lot younger the way some Munster cunts were raving about him.

Funny how France and South Africa are better teams than Ireland and picking players available to Ireland and nobody questions anything.

He’ll be picking looseheads at tighthead and sixes at seven next. Some of these new rugby supporters don’t even understand the basic positions.