The Saw Doctors

[font=verdana]They’ve made a career out of Paddy whackery.[/font][font=verdana]They are the worst band to come out of Ireland and their music is the worst brand of culchie sound imaginable.They’re a national embaressment.I suppose you could call their sound rock music for shit kickers![/font]

Fuck off. They’re legends.


You fucking sad act. Plus there must be at least three other threads on this band. Admins, ban this no mark.

iotm stuff

iotm stuff

Will you stop double posting!

I think the tribe has spoken BC.

Gas to see how Blue waits for a few replies and a consensus to form before wading in with his two cents. If people were agreeing with your man he’d have been in as quick as a flash saying he didn’t rate the Saw Doctors either.

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Will you stop double posting![/quote]
Its the fuck android app, Rocko sort it out 'shakefist:

Ah FFS :guns:

btw, anyone watch the recent tg4 doc, have it plussed, was it any use?

Not a huge fan of theirs but wouldn’t begrudge them any success.

Most of their gigs could double up as Macra Na Feirme/Roaster Conventions

:clap: :clap:

+1 to all that. There was some concert on T na G there a while back and i’d say the bang of sweat out of the place was horrendous

Any band that come up with a song like this deserve huge respect



Smashing tune

Just because i don’t like the saw doctors.I just call it as i see it so there!Every one on the PROC thinks the saw doctors music is for braindead muck savages. :cool: :smiley:

Correct Mac.

I was gonna write as much at the start of this thread but this guy is a poor wum and I couldn’t be arsed giving him air time. They have a couple of decent hits that makes them not so easy to dismiss, but chewy makes a fair point also.