The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


I was making a joking reference to the whole “Ulster colleges dont take the Sigerson seriously” issue. They are a little weird about their schools football up there alright.


no, Ulster have always had a different age grouping (the St Pats Maghera team of 95 famously had a few big name players who didnt play the final that year). A proposal was submitted this year by a Wexford school to change this (which may or may not have been heavily influenced by a repeating student who was born in March who is an extremely exceptional talent) It only narrowly failed to go through. Ulster goes to January and rest goes to July


Not according to a quick search. McCrory Cup is 18 & 1/2 on first day of school year. So september one assumes


And which school might this have been? Lol.

Important to be a gracious winner.


*It’s only the internet lads.


well that makes even less sense, as it would mean the other 3 provinces have til July to have older players on their teams.

Ulster always had older players playing in MacRory (see link here : detailing the 1995 Maghera team who lost 6 players after the MacRory final win). As far as I knew, they have not changed their age grading. And as noted previously on here, a proposal was made to adjust the age limit to U19 in keeping with the Ulster competition. I dont trust wikipedia completely for their reasoning of 18 and a half on first school day.

I cant find a link to the proposal, but I’m sure @padjo had something about the result of it being close to being passed

edit: just saw on the Ulster based someone saying that they didnt lose any players to the lower age restriction. Also confusion on there too as to whether or not they still operate on the older age for MacRory cup.


Guys, you have to see Rory O’Connor’s goal via Jerome Quinn’s twitter and when he posts it.

Jerome trying to get Peter’s students to sit down pre game:

Jerome storming off in a huff down to film at pitch level after they refused and his complaints to teachers and stewards fell on deaf ears:

Jerome back in a new spot after having second thoughts:

Young O’Connor is an incredible talent. As @Appendage says, he’ll probably commit to hurling for Wexford but he’s an outstanding footballer.


Ok. Christ the GAA is some farce
On a related subject.

Are the schools competitions going to be irrelivant to the producction line for County teams as 17 will be gone and u20 too far away. They will become less valuable quickly


How does Quinn make money?

Was he sacked from the BBC for making pro-RA comments?



Quinn fucking Saunders.



Quinn (Saunders) on one wing and Finn (O’Driscoll) on the other.


It’s quite a long time ago now so my recollection is probably incorrect. I think he was frustrated behind the scenes at the BBC by the level of GAA coverage and made pleas/representations to management which were ignored. He then (may have) strongly criticised them on one of those anachronistic internet message boards over a prolonged period. I think it got back to management who did a search of his work PC and pinned the forum posts on him and he was let go. Did it end up in court?

I’ve no idea how he makes a living from covering these niche competitions like school, university and ladies. He’d often be tweeting links to film from ladies’ NFL matches on a day when there’s a full round of hurling and football fixtures. Would the GAA have him on a retainer? I also noticed he’s a regular on foreign GAA trips / junkets. Filming things like Mid East games, North American games, European games, All Star trips etc.


Home now lads after stopping in The Monasterboice Inn for a bite to eat.


Did you follow Jerome Quinn in there?


He was taking too long with his on field post match interviews so I left him to it.


What did you get to eat?

How is the driving going


They all pay him to be there and then he can also sell videos etc.

Australiasia GAA brought him to Oz before.

I think the GAA also pay him and possibly sub for the various smaller organisations


I had the house chicken curry and a sprite.

The driving is being perfected all the time.


Surprise, surprise as Kev bitches, moans, lies and makes assumptions with zero knowledge in order pacify his inferiority complex with Ulster football.


Haha. Still embarrassed about the other day.

Ulster team proclaimed to be unbeatable. Beaten.

By a team from Wexford.