The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Which Ulster team proclaimed to be unbeatable?

You’re not very good at sticking to the truth,


So ypu don’t know what you are commentinh on?

Follow the thread dipshit.


I don’t know who you are commenting on hence the question.

Who are you commenting on?

Who said they were unbeatable?


Can you read shit for brains?


I can but clearly you can’t.

All that time and money wasted on you in a boarding school.

Third time of asking.

Which team were unbeatable?

Who said they were unbeatable?


Follow the thread.


I’m following the thread.

I have no idea who you are talking about.

Who are this unbeatable team? Who said they were unbeatable?

If you are going to make fanciful claims then at least have your research done.

Rather than stalling here, why don’t you for once in a lifetime grow some balls and be honest with the forum.



So you just cannot answer me.

You made a statement, were challenged on it and have not been able to put anything behind. Four times I’ve asked you, four times you’ve pulled your chair away form the table.

You’re an empty vessel, a lot of noise but ultimately lacking in the guts to have a proper debate as you lack conviction in your sporting knowledge - not a good thing for a guy who takes a career up in a sporting field.

Ya schlepper.


Jerome’s finally got his finger out and posted the report and interview from yesterday:


Is Our Lady’s Templemore v St Kieran’s on TV today chaps??


No new TG4 DG is a rugby head so pro 12 rugby on instead.


Think it is being streamed by Tg 4


Yes, live on the website.


Is dara o cinneide’s show still being binned ??


I believe so, the rugger freemasons strike again.


YouTube stream for Templemore/Kierans


Croke Cup Final

Our Lady’s Templemore 1-07 St Kieran’s 1-06

Kilkenny school with a goal right on the stroke of HT. Templemore pretty much in control up to that slip up.


Croke Cup Final

Our Lady’s Templemore 2-08 St Kieran’s 3-08

End to end stuff.


Good game. Set for drama down the stretch.