The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


Well done Templemore


Entertaining match. Senior hurling used to be more fun it was that open.

Templemore worthy winners. Kierans started going for goals too early.


Croke Cup

Our Lady’s Templemore 3-13 St Kieran’s 3-11

Templemore probably the better hurlers throughout the field but Kieran’s inside forward line kept them in it.

Fairbrothers goal was a cracker at a vital time as Kieran’s looked to be pulling away. Brian McGrath was brilliant on the frees & 65’s.
Paddy Cadel also had a fine game at CB.


Does McGrath not play cb for templemore like he did for minors? Some win for them


Lined out CF today. Cadel was CB.


College All-Stars:

Rising Stars Football Team 2017

  1. Joe O’Donoghue, (Cavan / DKIT)
  2. Kevin McKernan, (Down / St. Marys)
  3. Michael Fitzsimons, (Dublin / UCD)
  4. Kieran McGeary, (Tyrone / St. Marys)
  5. Conor Meyler, (Tyrone / St. Marys)
  6. Jack McCaffrey, (Dublin / UCD)
  7. Gearoid Hegarty, (Limerick / UL)
  8. Oisin O’Neill, (Armagh / St. Marys)
  9. Jack Barry, (Kerry / UCD)
  10. Adrian Spillane, (Kerry / UCC)
  11. Conor McCarthy, (Monaghan / UCD)
  12. Conall McCann, (Tyrone / St. Marys)
  13. Matthew Fitzpatrick, (Antrim / St. Marys)
  14. Cathal McShane, (Tyrone / St. Marys)
  15. Denis Daly, (Kerry / UL) Football Rising Stars Breakdown by College
St. Marys - 7
UCD - 4
UL - 2
UCC - 1
DKIT - 1 Football Rising Stars Breakdown by County
Tyrone – 4
Kerry - 3
Dublin - 2
Cavan - 1
Down - 1
Antrim - 1
Limerick - 1
Monaghan - 1
Armagh - 1

Rising Stars Hurling Team 2017

  1. Enda Rowland (IT Carlow / Laois)
  2. David Sweeney (MICL / Tipperary)
  3. Damien Healy (IT Carlow / Meath)
  4. Dwayne Palmer (IT Carlow / Laois)
  5. Conor Twomey (MICL / Cork)
  6. Ronan Maher (MICL / Tipperary)
  7. Willie Connors (LIT / Tipperary)
  8. Stephen Cahill (MICL / Tipperary)
  9. Michael Breen (UCC / Tipperary)
  10. Darragh O’Donovan (MICL / Limerick)
  11. Michael O’Neill (MICL / Clare)
  12. Cian Lynch (MICL / Limerick)
  13. Aaron Gillane (MICL / Limerick)
  14. Stephen Maher (IT Carlow / Laois)
  15. John Hetherton (Garda College / Dublin) Hurling Rising Stars Breakdown by College
Mary Immaculate College Limerick – 8
IT Carlow – 4
LIT – 1
UCC – 1
Garda College – 1 Hurling Rising Stars Breakdown by County
Tipperary – 5
Laois – 3
Limerick – 3
Meath – 1
Cork – 1
Clare – 1
Dublin - 1


Laois have more hurling gongs than Cork and Kk combined .


Cha Dwyer was rammed out of one.


Lads who’ve won All Ireland senior medals and been MOTM in finals are rising stars to watch out for.


Considering that Carlow IT would have had a few KK players, that’s impressive enough.


Damien Healy is an outstanding full back as well tbf.


Why is he still in University? He is in his late 20s…



All set for tomorrow @bandage and @appendage? I’m sure you’ll be out in force like the Gonzaga past pupils were shouting on your team!


Studying medicine.


Who’s this Michael Breen fella? @the_man_himself @Brimmer_Bradley
Will this McCaffery lad get a run with the seniors?@binkybarnes
Cian Lynch lads, any good??? @ciarancareyshurlingarmy @TreatyStones

Ridiculous set of awards for that reason alone.

Football are funny. Marys won fair enough and they had a nice team with some great skill. But 7? They won 3 games by a point. Its not like they were completely dominant.

And Spillane is token. Was nowhere near UCC’s best player.


I’ve a fairly busy weekend so I’m not sure if I can make it. I’ll go along if I can move a family commitment as this could be a once in my lifetime opportunity to see St Peter’s reach the promised land.


I’m sure the family would understand the priorities in this case.

Will you thunderclap regardless of the result to show your appreciation for a great year?


Agreed on Spillane, way down the line for UCC

Cian Lynch is a rising star who has been heralded as the second coming for the past three years. Enough?


No, they’ll need to win tomorrow to warrant a thunderclap.