The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


So the only footballer we get on the team doesn’t play county football for us, and will likely start ahead of most if not all that won the hurling awards. #LimerickGAA


Well, that is true.

But everyone knows Hegarty is a top footballer (although surely he wasn’t playing wing-back for UL, that would be bizarre?). He is also a decent, if not top class hurler. If he went to college in Mary I rather than UL, he might have got one of these too.


Limerick a dual county, with awards for hurling and football.
Only Dublin competing on that and they got less overall.
The future is bright, the future is green.


Ye did well to barely squeak past a superpower like Laois alright.


Yerra you don’t have a footballer in line for the awards


We don’t allow underage/chap footballers get awards anymore.


Mary’s beat the three previous Champions by a point with a very small panel. 7 is well deserved by relevant standards. You just can’t help yourself when it comes to the chip on your shoulder with Ulster football.


I’ll be heading off to Croker shortly but you can watch the final on this stream, guys:

Throw-in at 4pm.


Hon the Sem

cc @Appendage


As an Enniscorthy CBS past pupil I would like to extend best wishes to St Peters today.
Wexford is fully behind you lads.




Shameful decision there.


Absolutely atrocious.


10 to 2-3 at half time.


0-3 pal. Should be 2-3. That goal should never have been disallowed and Barry O Connor was clearly pushed over in the back in the penalty area.


Think that’s what he means, pal.




Fuck sake. Smoke bombs from the Kerry cunts. Clowns


That ref rode Peters solid. Perfect shoulder there from firman and the ref straight away just calls for first aid out to the Brendans player. Between the goal penalty and other decisions, nothing went their way from him. Acting the cunt now with more cards for fuck all.

Some point there to seal it for Brendans tho. They had more quality in attack to get scores


St Brendan’s had a sprinkling of outstanding players - some superb skills and point taking. An incorrectly disallowed first minute goal was always likely to haunt an underdog side and so it proved. When they should have gotten a massive early confidence boost they were instead 4-0 down after 10 minutes or so. They played some decent football at times and had a really good spell to get it back to 14-10 but never looked like reeling the others in. The O’Connor cousins were excellent for Peter’s. Barry kicked a pile of points from play and Rory had another big game in midfield.