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Yeah take the Martin’s spine of the team out and there was very little else there for Peter’s. Brendans had more players contributing all over the field, Peters really only had a small few doing the majority of work.


Just baffling levels of ignorance and stupidity.


Games gone man…


How did they think this wouldn’t come to light?

While Castletown posed for a team photograph, they listed only first names in the programme on the day. They refused to give the full names to media present, citing a number of different reasons including that they were too busy and that players in the school were changing their names by deed poll and so they couldn’t release their names.

In addition, after receiving the trophy, Castletown opted against collecting their medals in the stand where all the names are read out, as is common practice, and instead said they would present them in school at a later date.


It’s mental that kind of shit still goes on. I cant understand it at all.


I believe Ms Kennedy Phelan is a Tipp woman, we may have gotten to the bottom of this.


Dont be passing the buck here! I had heard some stories of Castletown before, albeit more in line with their teams of the late 90’s early 00’s and their infamous rows. There was more to it than just her involved.


Wow. Disgusting.


They were provoked by them Camross lads. They’re fierce divils.

Seriously though, who came up with or carried out the following:

So you really think we should drop in the A team?
Oh yea, shur there’s a trophy to be won
But its only a Division 8
Silverware is silverware boyo
What about the team list?
We’ll write down the first names only
What if someone questions it?
We’ll tell them some of the chaps are changing their names by deed poll
That seems unnecessarily convoluted
Trust me, this cant fail
What about the medal presentation
We’ll just grab the box of medals and fire them out to them on the bus
You seem to have this all worked out
Yep, this is foolproof. Now go out there and tell the young lads on the B team that they’re not worth a shite.


you’d wonder how it got so far though. Surely a parent of either a kid off the A team or one of the demoted B teams parents would say something. If it was one person on their own acting like it, but it clearly wasnt, seeing as the principal knew about it and she wasnt with the team. She knew they were playing A team players, so there was coaches out on the field with the team who were picking that. The extent they went to in terms of not giving names, not presenting medals, there was a huge sequence of events that surely somewhere, someone should have said, hang on lads, this is not on.


Exactly. Its just baffling that there was no one who said, “ah lads, here’s all the places that this could fall to shit”. I haven’t been to many CNMB finals, but even I know the names are called out at medal presentations, let alone the reporters, photographers, etc etc. Its in the National Media now, an awful bloody nose for a great organisation on the whole. I know one or two on the board and lets just say they’re fucking disgusted at the double barrelled one.

This comes to mind


Afterwards, we spoke to Monica Kennedy-Phelan, the Chairperson of Laois Cumann na mBunscol and, as it happens, the principal of Castletown NS. Her initial response to questions about whether Castletown played their ‘A’ players was that “Well, Knockmay played all of their ‘A’ players”, a statement so ridiculous we’ll leave it stand on its own without further comment.

We were next told that Castletown fielded their ‘A’ players on “Health and Safety Grounds”, because the Castletown ‘B’ team was too small, and they were afraid they couldn’t compete.

If that is the case, you have to wonder why on earth Castletown fielded a ‘B’ team at all, if they were too small to play.

This bit is gas. It is a common character trait of the Irish gombeen to turn to health and safety when trying to defend the indefensible.


This was on Matt cooper this evening :smile:

I actually had a discussion around illegal players lately, general consensus was its not really an issue these days as parents wouldn’t allow it. But then again I’ve never been involved in a Division 8 Primary schools final.


That was the winning mentality that saw Castletown dominate Laois hurling from 1995 to 2006. It is all about imbibing a winning mentality at a young age that will stand Castletown is good stead over the next 20 years . These kids won’t be filled with snowflake ideas that winning isn’t the only thing.


It was sponsored dance they in junior infants today

They did
Reach for the stars
Don’t you know you’re beautiful


CNMB done right


I’ve read a few things Miller has written. Seems to have an eye to get a few good stories.



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