The School, College & University Competitions Thread (another thread gone west)


IT Carlow continue to make ‘College’ their bitches


Is DJ still in charge?


He mentioned he was in an interview over the weekend.


4 in a row for IT Carlow and DJ. Unrale.


Had they ever won it before that?


I cant be sure, but very much doubt it.


DJ in Cody out


Deary me


was Catherine Nevin playing corner back for the dochas unit?


Fitzgibbon Cup Draw
Group A: CIT, UCC, UCD
Group B: UL, DIT, WIT
Group C: LIT, DCU Dochas Eireann, Garda
Group D: Mary I, IT Carlow, NUIG, Trinity College


Read a report on that the other day. Seems like a very very dubious bit of research


i see mt Sion CBS won the Munster senior “E” hurling competition yesterday beating Tralee - are things that bad in the school? @Fagan_ODowd


Well they may not have won it. So that would be worse


In reality Mt Sion haven’t been a force at Schools Hurling since they won the Harty Cup in 1953.

In my day I’m pretty sure we were well down the ranks, possibly C or D.

And it’s a small school. There are only 280 boys.


Jesus that was some fall . Harty Cup winners to Roinn C/D in a decade .


It was less than that. We won the C which was then the lowest grade in 1959.


My Sion hurlers used always go to MS CBS and the CBS were always competitive with that alone. But E hurling…it’s a pity to see.


You’d expect a school in a hurling area with less than 100 boys to compete at a higher grade than that


As many of them go to St Paul’s and DLS now.


Yeah that’s true