The schools

Is what I’m hearing correct, Sub teachers are getting year long contracts to go from school to school everytime a permenent teacher cough or splutters? So concievably you have an asymptomatic teacher, riddled up to her eyeballs, taking over from a sick teacher in one school one day and a different school the next, maybe ten different classrooms around the county in the space of two weeks.

My belief is that the subs will be localised, they won’t be travelling far between schools, a good idea in theory but it’s been impossible to get regular sub cover in recent years, unless there’s thousands of extra sub teachers I don’t know how it will work, I’d say SNAs are gonna be run off their feet

No subs in secondary, other teachers will just have to manage as best they can
In Primary, Subs contracted within County boundries for a year, not within specific schools. The vast majority of the contracted subs will be in Dublin, so in theory you could have someone covering for a sick teacher in ten different classrooms around the City/county in a week.

My eldest is basically going to spend all of his second year PME bar 6 weeks online lectures in Wilson’s Hospital he is expecting he will be used as a substitute he coined it in the time up to March teaching in Loreto in town here anytime a teacher was out sick or off on a field trip matches etc. He also ended up teaching his sister🤦‍♂️.

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Can’t see myself send my 5 year old to school as it it stands. These cunts are making it up as they go along…

You’d want your head examined to send your child to any school in this country right now

We need to send our young kids to pubs. That double negative is the positive we all need

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Send em in, it’s the only way they’ll learn

If you want them to get a real education then yes

In its current format or lack of I’d agree but surely risk can be mitigated if Schools serve a substantial meal to students with a minimum cost of €9.00


Seriously though, think about it, kids in ‘pods’ not allowed interact with one another in any meaningful sense. Not allowed play together in any playful sense. New teacher every week.
Not ideal

True. They are closed.




Ah yeah its farcical , Primary schools will operate as normal with additional hygiene measures . Some level of SD might be possible in Secondary schools with additional Hygiene measures.

What they need to focus on is Contact tracing and procedures in the inevitable event of a positive case i.e will school close , will sections close whilst infection control measures are implemented in specific locations etc etc.

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I agree with the rest but genuinely think you’re mistaken here. Primary schools in particular look to be extremely compromised, a new sub teacher every week. Also ‘Pods’ in a classroom/prefab, wtf?

Any chance of you contributing to the actual issue?
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