The schools

Na safe enough,I’m a church going RC man to the core,but a close friend went from strong RC to stronger C of I, never looked back,
And I was invited and attended bible study in Crosshaven church of Ireland
Made welcome,and real decent ordinary inclusive christians


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'The process - designed by the state and catholic church’s

I got as far as here and felt the rest couldn’t be worth reading

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A good prod always helps any youngster do better in the Leaving Cert.

There was a long read about the Raheny situation in the Irish Times the other day too (posted in politics thread). Seems the process was designed to fail. I came to this conclusion myself when talking about it with FOTF Aodhán Ó’Riordáin on the phone recently.


Tis a wonder how it never caught on.

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The lollipop man nearly buckled under the weight of it.

A good gust of wind and he’d have been parachuted into the parish over

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