The Sea the Stars appreciation thread

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Not a sport.

Bandage is a dour cunt. Unwilling to appreciate true class.

And spouts on about MuckGeedy…:pint:

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…according to Jim Bolger

Has anyone mentioned yet that John Oxx is a fookin legend?!?!?


done in the wake of the real O Brien,…perfection.

[nomedia=“”]YouTube - The Investec Derby 2009[/nomedia]


Fucking raging I missed it heard he just took off in the last furlong…Missed the Ireland match as well all over a cunt of a pinemartin…

Just a shake of the reins was all it took puke.

Where’d you find a pinemartin? They are rarely enough spotted?

[quote=“The Runt”]
Where’d you find a pinemartin? They are rarely enough spotted?[/quote]

Myself and a friend of mine took my dog and his couple of gun dogs for a walk up the mountains yesterday…The dog came across him and the fucking pine martin savaged him…Going to cost me a fortune in vet bills…Looking like the dog is going to lose its eye…fucking raging:mad:…

Bad one. Is that a pure breed dog?

For the rest of us:

The European Pine Marten (Martes martes), or Pineten, is an animal native to Northern Europe belonging to the mustelid family, which also includes mink, otter, badger, wolverine and weasel. It is about the size of a domestic cat. Its body is up to 53 cm in length (21 inches), and its bushy tail can be 25 cm (10 inches). Males are slightly larger than females; on average a marten weighs around 1.5 kg (3.5 lb). Their fur is usually light to dark brown and grows longer and silkier during the winter months. They have a cream to yellow colored “bib” marking on their throats.

Recently (December, 2007) the European Pine Marten was credited with reducing the population of the invasive Eastern Grey Squirrel in the UK. Where the range of the expanding European Pine Marten population meets that of the Grey Squirrel, the population of the squirrels quickly retreats. It is theorised that because the Grey Squirrel spends more time on the ground than the endangered Red Squirrel, they are far more likely to come in contact with this predator.[/quote]

Yip, a spanial…The dog is too friendly for its own good, probably thought the pinemartin was a cat/kitten and more than likely went over to play with it…

[nomedia=“”]YouTube - The Investec Derby 2009[/nomedia]

Just in the door from yesterday, what a day, what a horse!

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What an absolute superstar, great day and I’ll never forget the crowd roaring him home.

Looking at him in the winners enclosure after the race, he looked like he was only after getting up from an auld kip and could run the race again twice over if they’d asked him.

Signing in.

What an animal.

Fuckin hell puke, savaged by a pine marten! Are you feeding him marshmallows or what?

This is a horse, right?

I believe so.