The Seething thread

Sure, into Conoles for wan or into Sean Ford and sit on a bag of dogs nuts and jointly berate the passing punters.


They’re very rare.

Less important but happened me once in a petrol station in athenry. Was absolutely out. Had herself and two very young kids. I pleaded with them, but no, even though twas five minutes before closing. With the road rising to meet is, we made it to oranmore with the gauge reading 0 miles the whole way. Late night after a long journey. Cnuts.

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In fairness to the length of time for getting a prescription, it probably all has to be double checked. Imagine how easy it must be to make a serious mistake.

True. In munster particularly.


They closed most if not all of them about twenty years ago due to “security issues” which translates as “we won’t pay staff/security costs”

As bad as we are, we don’t give out antibiotics in petrol stations, Flatty.

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Unless it’s Donegal

Post reported.

Had the pharmacist left earlier?

No. The pharmacist was the one who told me he could no longer do it cos it was after ten. And that there was a late night chemist in blanch.

@BruidheanChaorthainn has a big win and Australia is seething. Long live Barney

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Double seething