The Senate


a new low for labour


Less than a week after after Burton claimed NAMA allegations are a ‘Northern matter’.


Should have got rid of that talking shop shit hole when the country had the chance.

In fairness though at least it’s been reformed as the likes of Michael McDowell
etc who canvassed so hard to keep it had wanted…

My conscience is clear anyway.

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These labour cunts are totally taking the piss. Imagine giving Cahill a place where she’s uninhibited by defamation law or reason, not to mention how both Cahill and labour looked on silently when the Magdalene women got fucked over, some fucking champions of victims of sexual abuse


A back handed attempt to gain back some of the votes lost Mary Lou.

Mary lou reminds me of the over enthuastic mother on the sideline watching an under 8’s hurling game.

Something you have to listen to unfortunately but you’d never put in power.

bizarre post


Oh it’s all going tits up for Mairia Cahill, Joan Burton and Labour with today’s revelations. It’s brilliant that Burton has fucked over herself and her party in trying to opportunistically damage Sinn Féin.


Adams and McDonald should bombard Burton with “was your Seanad candidate in RNU?” questions when debating with her on any and every topic. They’re nominating a candidate who opposes the Good Friday Agreement and the authority of the PSNI.

Also copies of minutes of RNU meetings doing the rounds with Cahill listed as Secretary and actively involved in the discussions.

cat got your tongue Art>?


Ah lovely. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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Nah, I think what I said on October 4th on this very thread covers it

Just seeing this now.

Are labour supporting republican terrorists now?


Can’t see the FG members being happy to support this.

I see David Norris was going apeshit in the Seanad saying Maria had threatened him :smile:

This is turning into a nightmare for that fat ugly boot Burton. Her political stunt has backfired spectacularly on her and no sane person could trust her judgement after this.

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Its fucking disgusting that Maria Cahill is being nominated to the Seanad. What the fuck has she done to deserve this nomination?

She wont contribute anything hopefully this nomination will destroy her and what is left of the Labour party.

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How come this story isn’t all over the Indo?

An Phoblacht alumnus Roy Greenslade covering this in The Guardian now:

The Irish Times belatedly reported on it today too.

I don’t see any mention of it in The Irish Independent. Maybe Mairia will clarify matters in her Sindo column?

I read an article during the week where Maria Cahill said she was not answering questions on this topic and that she was only in the paramilitary group for a few hours. :slight_smile: how the fuck are you only in a paramilitary group for a few hours? Unless you were killed or something.

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here is the article

This is the bit where she says she was in the RNU for a few hours.

Cahill, a victim of abuse and a subsequent cover-up within Republican movement, confirmed last year that she had once been the National Secretary of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU), an organisation which opposes the PSNI, in 2010.
But she said she only held the post for “a period of a few hours” and continued to attend “a series of meetings for a period of a few months” that same year. She said she has always been opposed to violence and never opposed the police in Northern Ireland.