The Shame I feel about Dublin as my 🐐 capital (and other random cities in videos that Muldoons think is Dublin)

Some cheeky cunt replied saying he was sorry that happened but to give him a buzz and he’d give her a quote. :grinning:

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Lugs Brannigan always gets a mention in the replies.


We need to get back to the crime free days of the 80s and 90s when people could park their vehicles in Dublin without any fear of them being stolen or broken into.


These Yanks would want a tour bus to take them from the Guinness Storehouse to Christchurch


I wonder how true that is. :thinking:

Walked some of the north quays and behind them on Sunday. It looks terrible. Rundown buildings and rubbish strewn about. Regeneration badly needed but not in sight

That whole area which has been historically set aside for fruit markets between the Four Courts and the Jervis Centre could really be put to better use

Bad owl :owl: couple of days for the Zoo

I was thinking the virus obviously came with the new elephant, but apparently the new one has tested negative.

That leaves an elephant in the room.


Why did the case of Candian tourist being beaten to death get so little coverage or furore compared to the US tourist who didn’t die? Was there any statements from McEntee? Photo Op walk arounds to show how safe the streets are?

Probably to do with the person (s) that did the assault.


It seems odd when there was enormous pressure coming on the Minister to step down after the first incident, there has been hardly a ripple from the follow up and deadly incident.

Kinda like how varadkar declared homelessness and emergency a few years ago and it continued to get worse but they don’t care anymore.

Enda Kenny was bawling in the Dail about 10 years ago when a homeless lad died off Kildare st. Vowing it would never happen again. Good man Enda.

If only Enda or Leo had been in a position to do anything about it.


If only they were in government……


Haha Cooper gave the FF representative a right grilling about this on the last word. What’s the point in doing a fucking survey. Everyone knows the situation, take some action.

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Was back up over the weekend. Walked from Rathmines to Cathal Brugha St, through Portobello, Camden St, Wicklow St, Stephens Green, Grafton St, College Green, Westmoreland St, O Connell St and didn’t encounter one Garda.
This was around 8pm Sunday and the place was extremely busy.
I can’t get my head around it to be honest.