The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist


As seemingly racism, or the accusation of racism, seems to be dominating many threads on TFK these days, I thought a dedicated thread might be in order. If nothing else to facilitate anyone who wanted to post our best efforts on Twitter and bring some more clicks our way, if not new members God forbid.

So have at it. The purpose of the thread is to determine what exactly that someone says or posts can be constituted as racism.


So I thought we’d start with this one. In the middle of a football game between some scousers and wops, the reformed racist @Sidney posted the following in 2013: “The utter poxiness of these wop cunts”.

Is that racist or not? I had an interesting conversation with the pretend wop @Cicero_Dandi today on this very topic. He argued that anything meant in a derogatory manner regarding someone’s ancestry was racist (I think that’s what he said, hard to know sometimes). The example used was JT’s outburst against AF, which was as Dandi remembered “black bastard”. I argued that calling AF black was not racist, but adding the qualifier bastard to black was what made it racist. In other words a descriptor for a race/ethnic group cannot be racist by itself, unless accompanied by a derogatory reference.

In that context, wop may not be racist, but wop cunt most certainly is.

What does the forum think?


Signing in. I hate alot of people


Are you looking for concensus? On this forum?


No mate, of course not. I fully expect the racists to be chased.


I héard wop.for the 1st time on pinkey blinders the other night, tbh I don’t think there’s anyone here that are serious racist but some lads do need to cop on


The oirish are very racist. You only realise it when you go away and live in another country


I suppose this is just bland prejudice or xenophobia as the Irish aren’t a race?


You’ll need to throw up a few polls to get some cold, hard, raw DATA on this.


Careful mate that’s a negative generalization about a race of people and is as such racist


I am racist against Australoids


I am Racist against Cork people and Cork-ness in general


I don’t mind Cork folk it’s the Tipp & Clare neanderthals you need to watch out for.


you find very few non white Irish in Cork, they are very clannish and don’t like outsiders


We can’t even agree on how to spell the word consensus, mate.


I always found the tans to be very racist. I think that’s why I hate them so much.




I think you mean rasist


What part of CORK,tell me I’m moving,I’m living in a suburb of Lagos Cork