The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist




The burning of hotels ear marked for housing incoming refugees is very disturbing.


All jokes aside that’s an incredibly sinister development.


Maybe if there was more concentration of building homes for Irish ppl instead of always looking after outsiders,this crap wouldn’t happen


How many Irish people would willingly stay in a hotel in Rooskey?


What a load of shit.


And there we have it, the first example of overt racism in the thread. Defining people as “outsiders” (who have been legally accepted into the country) and less deserving than the native population, is exactly what racism is.

Unsurprising it’s from a Cork source.


Why don’t we just give all the refugees an amnesty and be done with it. We could give them a one off payment of €10k each a year for 5 years at this stage and it’d be cheaper and more humane


Well coming from an expert on shit ,I’ll pass on any comment to you


You don’t understand what racism is, you regularly and purposely misinterpret the term. Would you ever fuck off with your shite.


Little boy ,go away and suck on your thumb,if that’s racism,you’ve obviously never experienced any, Muppet, :kissing_heart: kiss country boy




Thanks be to God,someone else understands his silliness


Fuck off out of this thread you stupid cunt.


Something like this?


You’ve repeatedly proved yourself to be a stupid person. I am one of the top five most smartest posters on the forum.


Yes but then it never ends, government wouldn’t be able to cope,UK government did something similar in the early 80s, giving fares home etc,no cash,but tickets, certain dhss offices in London had a bit of autonomy


You’re not even in the top five Limerick posters mate, which is an incredible achievement in itself.


Fierce bitchiness


Having lived in Derry,79/99,I have personally experienced real racism/ sectarianism,so pls fuck off with your p.c. drivel