The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist


You obviously learned well there.


Getting back on topic, controlling immigration is not racism. Literally every country on earth has an immigration policy and determines how people legally enter the country or remain legally in the country. Muddling this with treating people who are in the country legally as “outsiders” is nonsensical.


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What a weirdo you are.




The direct provision system is a joke.
They brought in a ridiculous token system last which supposedly allowed asylum seekers to work but the bar was set so high only a handful of people have successfully navigated it.

You’ll have the same people in those towns complaining that rural Ireland is dying, yet now they have an opportunity to bring an influx of people into the area and they are literally burning them out.

I’d be fairly blasé about a lot of things but this really annoyed me when I heard it this morning.


This newbie has @labane1917 reeling on the ropes here. What an opening few weeks he’s having.
It’ll be a struggle for some if Cork find any form. Carry on…


Big leery grin from me😊


It doesn’t take much, in fairness


Here’s what you wrote.

Immigrants into the UK have been legallly accepted into the country.

You say immigration, ie. immigrants, “are destroying the UK”.

Inherent in that is an assertion that those people are “outsiders” and “less deserving” than the native population.

By your own standards, what you’ve said is flagrantly racist.



The stupid cunt attempts to warp and redefine the word racism to suit himself, and still ends up a racist under his own definition. You couldn’t the thicker than that :smiley:


Your efforts to cling onto Sid are embarrassing.

I said literally every country in the world controls immigration. There are exceptions, some countries have made truly stupid decisions on immigration, such as the Blair government in 2004 in effectively allowing open borders (something other EU members such as Germany, France, etc. didn’t do). You can trace the roots of Brexit back to that, and it’s not based on racism, it’s based on anger at stupid policy by the UK government.


The thing is, he’s completely redefined racism from what he previously defined it as.

He started the thread to have a go at me. Yet the irony is there’s absolutely nothing in the comment he quoted by me at the start of the thread that claims superiority of one race over another, which was his definition of racism before he went and arbitrarily changed his definition for convenience.


He’s a gas cunt in fairness :smile:


“Open borders” literally means open borders, ie. completely free movement.

It doesn’t mean what you have decided you want it to mean for obviously cynical and disingenuous arguing purposes.

Schengen is “open borders”. The UK does not participate in Schengen.

The UK has open borders with Ireland, and only Ireland.

Given that you’re against open borders, we can presume you want a hard border in Ireland, so.

None of what you posted had anything to do with what I pointed out, by the way, which was that what I quoted by you was flagrantly racist by your own criteria.


I’d say its highly unlikely those who committed the arson attack are from Rooskey*. But I’d have a mind that those who did it may well be receiving support, publicity-wise and possibly financial-wise too, from the Ruskies.

*Is it Rooskey or Roosky? I always thought it was Rooskey.


Sinn Fein/IRA fingerprints all over this hotel burning


Was it yerself, by any chance?


You open your borders, provide freedom of movement or provide simple visa processes to a third country via agreement.

The US has had a big problem with illegal immigration.

Whether the wall is cost efficient or effective, it isn’t racism to want improved border controls to stem illegal immigration.


Don’t have time to educate the simpletons. The attached article outlines the huge miscalculation of the Blair government. The UK, Sweden and Ireland were the only EU countries in 2004 to open up their borders to the new 8 members, all other 12 members imposed “transitional controls”. The result was instead of the 13,000 migrants per year predicted by the Blair government, it became 60,000 per year (conservative estimate), and net migration to the UK reached an average of 247,000 per year during the 2005-2010 Blair government.

That’s the source of Brexit, plain and simple.