The Snooker Thread (Part 2)

Not impossible. He’ll win it before the likes of Lisowski. He has the game.

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World championship and the hurling championship kicking off the same weekend, hook it to the veins stuff.

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In all fairness ding has had the game for the last 15 years. I’d love to see him win it but its hard to see he rarely beats anyone that’s higher ranked than him these days. trump must be delighted he is playing him.

Trump cruising to victory 9-3 up

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10-4 - Trump wins.

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I see Neil Robertson, Jack Lisowski, Stuart Bingham, Anthony McGill, Stephen Maguire and Hossein Vafaei will all have to negotiate two rounds of qualifiers to make it to the Crucible.

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That’s a lovely shirt Ronnie has on.

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2cracking matches tonight.

Let’s see if Ding and Williams can hold on !

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Ding choked again against a top player.

Looks like there will be a breakaway tour happpening soon. Can’t blame them really.

I’ll be in attendance tomorrow evening.

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At least you’ll get some bit of entertainment this weekend.

Is Snooker going the way of LIV Golf?

Probably. The top boys like Ronnie want a bigger share of a bigger pie. There are too many pros at the moment.


Any thoughts pre draw/ qualifiers

Allen is probably the bet- you couldn’t be backing Ding/brecel/murphy/higgins with serious money.

Lisowski is a huge price but then again he has won nowt. saying all this I will probably have 2 fivers on Lisowski and Ding!

If they do go to a breakaway tour the game will be fecked as there are eff all people coming through.

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Ronnie, Allen or Williams.

I will probably stick Anda and one or both of the Wilsons in before or after the lineups complete for an ew run.

Murphy is good value but could never cheer him on

looks like allen will be 8 nil down at interval

6-5 Williams. Great match

7-5 Williams. Interval are right time for Ronnie