The Soccer coaches thread

is it just me, @TreatyStones , @Juhniallio @twiceasnice97 and my uncle who are at this?
ill start
where are we with getting 7 year olds ( senior academy) to learn to play out from the the back?
Ive added the retreat line now to our games , we only revert to positions when the ball goes dead and goalkeeper must play ball to a defender, attacters cannot encroach beyond retreat line until defender has received the ball and defender must play it forward…
When the ball in play they are all chasing it… but when it goes dead (goal kick) , i call positons and we revert to the 5 - keeper / 2 defenders / mid / striker…

is it way to early for this carry on
these fellas all have basic ball mastery and are good

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We are meant to have started that, but the kids have missed so much football that we are still just doing skills and normal matches.
Kids are starting to be streamed the last few weeks and it’s made a big difference. Club are currently faffing about putting kids into leagues for next year.

best of luck to anyone involved in coaching leagues starting tomorrow night
My U7s range from fellas who can hit top bins from 12 yards to lads who miss the ball and yet we are playing a 1-2-1-1 from restarts and retreat line
straight thru now till October BH weekend… ( summer football, etc)
Memo sent out to all Dad’s on the group to keep the mouth shut for the 45 mins

GoGames Sat at 0930 @TreatyStones … same fellas - same ability

if anyone is involved in the NESCSL send me a PM


we survived
so - we had 8 , played 5 a side 22 min halves
i used that player rotation tracker website to try to ensure we had rolling subs… things fell apart tho after a bit but i was trying to guarantee every player got equal time on the astro
we held the retreat line but fucking hell it fell apart gloriously as we just defaulted to hoofing it down the pitch
all in all a reasonable sucess… they’re 7 i keep reminding fellas