The stalker is back - part 2

Sacrificed a few pints after work for this today. Cracking good episode. For those who missed it, Martha’s prints were on the gun because it was the gun she bought to protect herself that time after Cory kidnapped her and she was having panic attacks and flashbacks. It was bought illegally and was unlicensed and then ages ago it was stolen from her car and she didn’t report it stolen as she’d bought it illegally to begin with.

Jack knew about the whole thing but she didn’t tell the cops he could corroborate her story because that would put his career in jeopardy, i.e. he knew the gun was purchased illegally and that it was unlicensed and it was then used to murder somebody. Eventually he told Peter that he could back up Martha to prevent her getting charged with murder but he’s been suspended from duty and the superintendent wants to put the wheels in motion on dismissing him. I reckon Jack will uncover something next week crucial to the case that will impress his superiors and save his career.

On another note the lads’ party spilled over into the wee hours. Dan passed out on the couch and only woke up the next morning when Leah arrived to drop off VJ for Dan to mind. Anyway, Dan is locked and falls asleep on the couch again and VJ starts drinking all the dregs from the party from the night before. Not sure but I thought I saw him putting a pill in one of the drinks too! Dan then wakes up to find VJ unconscious on the ground!!!

Oh yeah Sal and young Pip also arrived back and Macca got in trouble for getting Cassie drunk at the party - a bad egg that one.

I do not trust that Macca at all - he is going to cause a lot of grief. Poor Sally having to deal with that nonsense as soon as she comes back.

I hope Jack figures out who the killer is. I’m getting really impatient as there are absoluetly no clues to the killer. Like you bandage back to the bay is becoming ever more tempting as the days go by.

Leah was a fool to leave VG she clearly saw the state of Dan - bad parenting and herself and dan should be run out of town.

If Dan and Leah moved to ‘the city’ or died in a bush fire I would be over the moon. It’d be right up there with the time when Scott Hunter left, how he annoyed me.

Agree on the bad parenting too. She knew he was locked and still left VJ with him. Probably off swanning around with her new doctor friend.

As an aside Jack is the rock holden’ the Holden family together. The other two characters are no-marks. His brother Lucas has all the traits of being the next Scott and the Tony guy is painful. Jack is a good kid though. I hope his career isn’t ruined.l

If you throw Kim into that move to the city and i think the bay would be a better place.

I agree i had high hopes for the Holden family and Tony and Lucas have really let me down. There characters are useless they have just become lap dogs to the Hunter women. Why they moved the whole family to the bay when they haven’t utilised Tony or Lucas is beyond me.

Was talking to a friend about how boring Lucas is. She said that he won’t be for long. She’s a backtothebay reader. I wonder what’s in store for him.

Back on-topic and I must say that the writing in the murder case is unusually sub-standard and unimaginative in many ways. For example, Bob Radcliffe is afraid of the killer yet has his phone number and rings him/her to meet him in a secluded area in the bush. Duh. Also, how ridiculous was it for the gun to just be left in a park?

I am always loathe to criticise Home and Away but I agree with you on the Bob Radcliffe thing. The gun wasn’t really in a park though, weren’t they not out in the middle of nowhere (possibly down near the Old Thompson mine by the back road to Mangrove River on the far side of Yabby Creek beneath the bluff) doing some project for school when they found it? Also, maybe the killer wanted it to be found knowing Martha’s prints were on it?

So Lucas is going to rebel. Well thank fook for that.

What is it with 'Ric and his stoic “bravery” when he is being bullied? Either stand up to the fucker or dob him in, don’t just take his abuse and look scared. It reminds of the time I stapled Bandage’s shirt to his suit jacket one time and he just smiled and pretended it was funny. If he’d thrown a dig then I might have some respect for the balding fucker now.

It’s a blade one, I’m not bald or going bald. Thank you.

I have missed a few recently so it’s hard to fill in all the details but I have seen the last 2.

Basically Constable Holden knows that Detective Baker is up to something. (I’m not sure if we, the viewer, know what the Detective is up to but I assume not). Constable Holden was responding to a prowler call 2 nights ago and saw Peter in his car looking suspicious. The next day Peter told everyone he went to bed early that night. Jack is very suspicious as a result. Peter had previously fobbed Jack off with some story about an undercover drugs operation but having queried it with HQ Jack now knows that this story was false. Hmmm. Also Jack asked for a refresher on the murder case. He asked Peter “remind me who was first on the murder scene.” Peter shot him a look and said “you know I was.”

Last night’s episode concluded with Jack going into Peter’s office and finding files related to Josh’s murder (I think). They are lab results and there is a DNA match to Detective Peter Baker!

Oh yeah in the middle somewhere Jack went and met this dude in his car out in the woods. No idea who yer man was but I think we are supposed to know from previous episodes.

Eric is still getting a terrible time from Dom in work. Dom poured battery acid on his leg to the point where Eric collapsed at home and had to be rushed to hospital. He has only confided in Belle though, he told nobody else what happened. He then foolishly went back to work and when Dom went to collect the sandwiches for Ray’s Garage from the Diner, Belle confronted him about what he had done to Eric. Dom was furious and stole a fuel injector from the garage and hid it in Ric’s locker. Eric saw the fuel injector and didn’t know what to do (this baby is worth a month’s wages apparently). The boss noticed it was missing so called Eric into his office for questioning. When he came out Dom suggested that they search Eric’s locker. The boss agreed and when Eric opened the locker there was nothing there.

The DNA that matched Peter’s wasn’t at the Josh West murder scene but from a hair where the guy Radcliffe disappeared from. Still think Peter’s protecting them rather than plotting against the bay.

That Dom guy probably suffered a harsh childhood like Ric and I agree with sam that in about 2 weeks they’ll be best mates. My jury is out on Belle at the moment, not sure where she fits into things and not sure she’s right for Ric. I really admire Ric - he’s a great kid.

excuse my ignorance, as you may have already disscussed this topic
but is belle the spitting image of a young marrissa cooper or what? great potential at 19
here is a little bonus just to remind you who marrissa is! quality

Oh yeah in the middle somewhere Jack went and met this dude in his car out in the woods. No idea who yer man was but I think we are supposed to know from previous episodes.

Rock, I think this guy hit Jack over the head with that plank when he was snooping around Peter’s trailer with the information about the stalker in it!! Apparently he was set up to do it…

No, it was Peter who smacked Jack over the head then framed your man for it. Jack spoke to him to get his version of events.

Study leave is great - haven’t missed an episode all summer.

Eve jacobsen = Zoe McAllister.

It’s all kicking off now, it’s all kicking off.

I’m off to write a poem about Peter Baker. Will post it when I finish.

I’ve written a poem about one of my favourite characters, the inimitable Detective Sergeant Peter Baker. I have called it:

‘An Ode To Detective Sergeant Peter Baker’

Arrived in Yabbie Creek station during a quiet time
But Summer Bay and its surrounds were soon riddled with crime
Psychotic Sarah Lewis shot Noah Lawson in the head
You were knocked out in the struggle but poor Noah was dead

We feared the worse for your injuries were quite severe
Everyone worried about your long term health - not just your immediate career
But brave and strong you pulled through with determination
And all of the Bay shared in your relief and elation

But as you lay in your coma you suffered a terrible blow
Your brother Dan Baker was now Leah’s beau
Quite a lucky escape if you care to ask me
Leah’s got a beard, a moustache and is rather ugly

You suffered in silence and immersed yourself in work
The stalker arrived, another challenge you’d never shirk
Fear gripped the Bay, panic the overriding emotion
But you displayed a steely resolve throughout this whole commotion

Sally was held hostage and other lives were lost
But you arrived on the scene with a sharp, swift riposte
Zoe met defeat as the factory was engulfed in flames
Though nobody did ever find her charred remains

Still the Bay as one breathed a huge sigh of relief
Thanks to your commitment and dedication in ending their grief
You went back to the city to resume your career
Safe in the knowledge that you would be always held dear

It was not too long ago now that you arrived back on the scene
But much more secretive than before and not quite as serene
Something was troubling you but you could not tell
Evil Zoe McCallister is still alive and well!

She has her heart set on unleashing more fear
But the Bay’s a safer place with Peter Baker near
You haven’t whispered a word and you dare not speak
So’s not to let the locals know they’re up shit (yabbie) creek

You work on your own with strength of mind and conviction
Despite the threat on your life you perform with distiction
Yes, an absolute gem of a copper is Detective Sergeant Peter Baker
He’ll be welcomed in Heaven when he meets his maker

Exalt excellent poem for the bays finest.

Exalt. Haven’t tuned in conistently since it was mostly based in the caravan park with Pippa (Blonde version), Tom, Steven, Sally, Karly, Sophie(Used to love her until she got impregnated) and Lance. Great times. That must 14 or 15 years ago. Haven’t a fookin clue what’s going on now, except that Sally is still there and she has massive oven mits.

I can’t begin to say how pissed off I am with Dan Baker this week. I watched it on Friday and it ended with Constable Holden finding out that the stalker was still alive and then it cut to a picture of Peter sitting in the station staring at a photograph of her.

I immediately looked forward to Monday for the stalker storyline to resume. Instead we have a stupid Dan Baker storyline where there’s still swelling on his head after the car crash and he’s having mood swings etc. Now he’s gone missing in the bush and Alf and them donned the orange search and rescue jackets to look for him (there’s not a lot better than Ray Meagher co-ordinating a search but in this case it’s delaying the stalker stuff). The 3 episodes this week haven’t even mentioned the stalker now. They are teasing me too much and now I’ll miss it Thurs and Fri.

I could accept it if it wasn’t Dan Baker holding things up but I truly detest him. I’m off to do a poem about him.

Anyone provide a Thursday and/or Friday summary?

Very blurry dude given the week that was in it.

Ric ratted on Dom to Ray but Ray sorta brushed over it and as it turns out he’s Dom’s uncle. Ric found out that the last apprentice quit in dodgy circumstances - turns out he was bullied by Dom too but won’t come forward.

Lucas arrived home late and Tony was up waiting for him. A heated debate ensued and Lucas ended up hitting Tony a box. I like the new direction Lucas is taking.

Other than that it was just Dan acting like a tard which was very amusing imo. Didn’t piss me off just cracked me up.

Oh and that Charlie lad is a psycho.