The Stig = Michael Schumacher

Bollox it is. There’s no way he’s be so bored as to come to England and drive around a test track in a beat up saloon car, is there? This is another false trail for me.


I thought he was revealed last year as some former F1 test driver?

Top Gear is bollox anyways. Fuck Clarkson the cunt.

Such a poor set up
Just goes to show you the self importance of the Brits that they think a multimillionaire German world champion would want to come over to drive a saloon car around the track just to be in their TV show ( albeit a great one)

Yeah i thought some no-mark English formula two type was revealed to be the stig.

Think he was
The sap went into some photo place/framing place and asked them to frame some photos of him dressed up as the stig

From Wikipedia:

The identity of Black Stig was revealed to be Perry McCarthy when his book Flat Out, Flat Broke was published in 2002. McCarthy is a former Formula One driver and test driver for the Benetton, Arrows and Williams teams, and also tested for BMW F1.[4][26]

The identity of White Stig has not been officially revealed and is regarded as a carefully guarded secret by the BBC.[34][35] Racing drivers ranging from Julian Bailey,[34][36] Ben Collins,[34][37][38][39][40] Chris Goodwin,[34] Damon Hill,[41][42] Heikki Kovalainen,[34] Tim Schrick,[43][44][45], Michael Schumacher,[46][47] and Russ Swift,[34][38][41] have been speculated as being The Stig at one point or another by the press, other racing drivers, and fans of the show.

Yahoo were carrying this story too but look to have pulled it now.

take it non of ye saw schumacer lap so which was awful as he wasnt able to handle manual car hence a pure wind up …

How are you at handling things clg?

SS badly exposed here…


Clarkson is a dirty bigoted wanker

Pretty sure this was revealed a long time ago as being a run of the mill racing car driver in England. Its been a number of different men, 6 I believe was the number.

badly exposed there CLG. It was Schumachers own car. The FXX is only allowed be driven on circuits, and there are only 30 of them built. Schumachers is the only black one without a stripe on it. and it haas the same gear controls as a formula one car with the paddles on the steering wheel.

stick to knitting or camogie or pancakes or something.

Thats was funny last night. If anybody, even for a second was fooled by that, shame on you.

That’s the point I was making. A number of news agencies were running with the storty that Michael Schumacher was the Stig. I said that was bollox.

Ah right, I missed that. My apologies.

Yahoo dumped the story after about an hour, I’d say Aertel still have it up. Masters of misinformation, those lads.