The TFK Daily Debate - Phil Coulter

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Some thoughts:-
The Town I Loved So Well
His father was in the RUC
Scorn not his simplicity
He bailed out Derry City FC
The Bay City Rollers
Puppet on a String
Ireland’s Call
He left the wife for a young one he saw in an ad
Sea of Tranquility
Glam rock band Kenny
He played in South Africa during the apartheid era.

I heard part of some radio interview he did where he said when he has a few jars on him he boasts to his friends that he’s the only non American songwriter to have had a no 1 hit sung by elvis

He didn’t need a few jars to boast about it on national radio :roll_eyes:


Yeah - I heard that the other day.

I suspect Phil has a very very high opinion of Phil

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I don’t think that Phil Coulter has any positives.

Did he mange some musicians at some stage and have ‘questionable’ dealings? A half assed google search there didn’t yield much results.

Christy Moore was of the view that he ripped Planxty off, but also that he brought a very high standard of production to their recordings

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He’ll continue to wind up simpletons with their tricolours and Palestinian flags on their social media avatars forever more. For that alone the man is a genius.


Definitely a cunt.

I do really like the Town I Loved So Well and I’m sure he was a good producer but I don’t know if I’d elevate him to genius status.

So I’m going for the Cunt option.

Ireland’s Call = Cunt.

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The day we matured as a Nation and this song was a big part of that

Kell surprise to see the rubby set defend another supporter of apartheid.

Definitely a cunt and probably a genius, but he hasn’t done anything of genius in a long long time.

There is a Coulter Avenue about 200 metres up the road from us. Whenever I walk the dog up there I say “come on Harley, let’s go for a walk up Phil Coulter avenue”. I still find this funny after 16 years of living here. I don’t know why.
Carry on.


Good innings for your dog

He did a fundraising concert in our local church a few years ago for the camogie club. He was an absolute gent and nothing was a problem.

And the daughter is an absolute cracker.

Eh,you know the rules mate

Sorry, dog is 5, lived here for 16.

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In the interest of fairness and assuming we’re talking about the same interview (with Miriam) she did bring it up first

Not a cunt and not a genius .

I get the impression he fell in love with himself from an early age and remained faithful ever since .


He comes across as an awful narcissist. Congratulations, puppet on a string or whatever- all grand songs from a talented lad that did well. Then he has to swan around in a white suit, trying to sing and pretending to conduct his little orchestra while telling everyone how brilliant he is. He knows rightly that if he walked down ship quay street no one would pay him the slightest bit of attention.
But then he writes something as beautiful and as magical as this, and hands it to Luke Kelly to perform.
So he can do whatever he wants and act as he pleases, he did something special. (A shame about Ireland’s Call though)