The TFK Hiking Thread


FFS people like those with no experience, tackling the bigger mountains in these conditions is absolute lunacy.


The devils ladder while it’s icy would be lethal.

Hopefully the lads got decent instagram photos at least


I can’t even contemplate it, it’s tricky as fuck on a good day. And as for coming down it…

There’s fellas that climb Carrauntoohill on a weekly basis, I’ve only ever done it a few times. It’s an addiction for some.

I’ve done it three times. It’s pretty epic on a good day, the scenery is incredible.

I do Galteemore 7-8 times a year. Much easier when it’s icy cos it’s pretty soft underfoot anyway


Fellas would regularly trek up it in the dark to be there for the sunrise. Could you imagine?!

Fellas do all sorts

There’s lads that literally run up it on a weekly basis.

Shur the Gates are a piece of piss once you don’t fall off.

Is it much more difficult doing Galtymore from the North side?
Will definitely head back in better conditions to try and get a bit of a view from it.

Also a top tip while hiking in Winter conditions, don’t rely on your phone. In cold conditions the battery can drain in minutes.


I only ever do it from the South Side, but I hear it’s a good bit longer from the north side.

I’d only really hike hills or routes I know very well in winter tbh

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Keep it in warm pouch and bring a power bank


Ya, was grand once got back into a pocket and we had plenty of power banks.

Would you head up the mountains in Wicklow? I saw a facebook post from a woman the other day who took the wrong route on the descent from Lughnaquilla and ended up 20km off course.

Fucking assholes

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Definitely more challenging, but imo much more enjoyable. There’s a few different routes you can do. I find that track up from the South side a little boring if I’m honest.

Brother Prunty took us on a school tour one time. Did the Mitchelstown Caves first. Then we climbed Galteemore. I was in Larry Goughs group and we got back to the bus handy enough. Brother Pruntys group went astray on the way down and we were sitting on the bus waiting for him for about three hours. He had a face like a boiled shite on him when he got back and we giving him a slow handclap. Even Larry Gough joined in. He was seething. We had to abandon the Tramore leg of the trip which would have been the highlight, running amok in the shops on the prom robbing sticks of rock.


I recently bought some trail runners to go hiking in.

One positive from lockdown for me was I discovered the joys of a long walk and sometimes a long walk up a hill. I’ll be up there for a sunrise soon.


You’d want proper boots on Galtymore, even on a good day, its pure bog on both sides in places

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You are better off doing it in deep snow. Takes the bog out of the equation (except for the bit where the snow gave way and I ended up in a bog hole).

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Reminds me of the time I was on FCA camp in Waterford. We were on a day excursion up the Comersgh Mountains. Some ape from Callan left his 303 on the top and didn’t cop on to it until we got back to the trucks. The captain (local postman) decides that there’s nothing for it but everybody goes back up to look for it. You can imagine neither gobshite were very popular that evening.

We still had range practice after that. The cheese Sambos and sugary tae were devoured that evening when the truck finally pulled in. I’d never eaten cheese before but I’ll tell you I ate it that evening.