The TFK Mary Whitehouse Memorial Society aka the Righteous Moral Majority Club

We will endeavour to find offence wherever there is none. We will not stop. We will crusade. We will prevail. Things are going to change around here.

Please nominate a poster for membership of what I’m sure will be a hugely popular club.

  1. Appendage.

You really are a pathetic piece of shit.

  1. Sandymount Red.

Can I join?

You’ll need somebody to nominate you first.

[quote=“Sidney, post: 720851”]
You’ll need somebody to nominate you first.[/quote]

Sounds like a lot of hassle

If you are meritorious of a nomination, I’m sure it’ll come.

Ok I can read between the lines.
It’s because of my name isn’t it.

Stop being a whiney bitch, Sid, and get on with it. Mickee hated Fenway and has been planning this for weeks- I personally couldn’t take part in it. Mickee is a big boy and will get in with it.

Bumped for Sidney incase he’s not getting enough attention.

Lavish me.

Is this about the thread where mickee called Fenway a murderer?

No one will ever match the farmeresque levels of piety displayed on here in the 08/09 period.


Remind us of that one mate, can’t remember. Did he really wallow over something?

Farmer was our undisputed moral guardian for 2/3 years. Kev had admirable levels of piety as well but he was too easily enraged to pull it off properly.

Wtf happened here?

Mickee called Fenway a few names that were a bit too close to home as Fenway has suffered a bit of tragedy. Some think it was calculated, others it was banter. Sid isn’t bothered either way he just wants to defend free speech.

Fwp is a thoroughly alright sort and I’m sure he’ll be back.

I don’t know about that pal. He was horrified… It was a shocking incident.