The TFK Mary Whitehouse Memorial Society aka the Righteous Moral Majority Club

Sidney teased us all with a resignation from the forum but I think the attention seeking fool is still posting.

Fenway is probably the most level headed and inoffensive posters on here. Would be disappointing if he stopped posting here, especially in the context as to why he has left

indeed he is and mickee’s campaign to get himself banned is becoming very tiresome.

Obviously I don’t know what happened but whatever cunt forced fenway away from this board deserves to have their posting privileges revoked permanently.

what thread ? link ?

FWP is a truly nice person and I wish him and his family the very best through his travails.

The thread is gone now Art. You are like the apostles in Gethsemane, you must stay awake at all times.

I think fenwaypark is an excellent poster but he completely overreacted. People need to re-learn the difference between the internet and real life. I had no idea fenway even had a child never mind having to cope with such a situation. It was fenway who brought the issue up out of the blue, not mickee and I fail to see how anybody could think that what mickee wrote was a dig at fenway’s real life situation, which mickee has said he wasn’t aware of, and nobody has any reason to think otherwise. You’d want to be a special breed of moron to deliberately poke fun at a poster finding themselves in such an unfortunate real life situation. Several people then jumped on the moralising bandwagon like sheep and leapt to the conclusion that mickee was indeed aware of fenway’s situation. Thrawneen made the point that behind it all, posters on this forum are generally pretty sound, intelligent people with a good deal of empathy, which I’d agree with. mickee has pushed the boat out a little bit lately but his digs are so obviously and self-conciously over the top that you’d want to be a but simple to take them in any way seriously (which I’m not accusing fenway of as he is clearly under quite a bit of stress in real life which is understandable - but the bandwagon hoppers need to cop the fuck on). Anyway they’re no different to what TASE and a few other posters have been doing for years.

I’m out now, but I have PMs to disprove all that you prick.

so are we all agreed that FWP is sound and mickee is a cunt

mickeee is a cunt but seems to have inadvertently caused more bother than even he intended this morning.

By the way, Sidney is an odious cunt.

nothing but decent hi jinx
i put up a good banterous thread about if a poster was incarcerated in a penal institutioin wjhat crime would the most likely have committed, i had a good cut off a few on here for no reason in particular for banters sake only, anyway as a result the whole moral brigade featuring runt, carter, glasagusban,hbv, the afr horde and fenway himslef threw a fucking strop that i had researched the incident and basically had a break down saying that banter aimed at an anonymous poster named after a baseball stadium in the USA was a direct and researched attack on the actual human being who posts, it was unbeliveable shite TBH and a reflection of how fucked up , gormless and paranoid these freaks actually are and that they are all out there trying to figure out who each one is… runt and carter were particually fucked up, i apologised sincerely to fenway, the anonymous poster for any offence caused and for the terrible circumstances he ( poster and person) described that he has to deal with , that i had no clue about any of it…

anyway, these freaks pressuried dunph into deleting the thread

just so you know mac , i cited you puke and WTB for the crime of stalking ( not you youself but the poster Mac)

I also apologise to the folowing for saying i could imagine them caught up in the following

carter - for saying he was capable of theft
cantonasboot - for IRA membership
bandage / jugs et al - Dannyfoleying
Kev - assault
TAN - other assault
thrawneen / myslef - John Galvan Snr.'ing on catherine street
manus boyle - genocide by driving a car

anyway, just so you know Mac, if u now have a dig or attempt to have a bit of banter on here you are actaully launching a personal attack on the individual in question, everything is personalised.

that’s it in a nutshell

I hope fenway returns, he is a decent sort but a shite poster, his endless yarns about not having a bet before the open meeting were geting a bit jaded and he ( the poster, not him personally) had a few sneaky digs at me ( not me personally but the guy(s)logged on as micke321) that i found a bit out of character nd unecessary…
anyway like i said, i cant do anything if fellas on here are personalizin this place, i apologised sincerely to the lad and poster ID and hope things are good to him

I’m sorry I nominated, you for this thread, mate. I’m so, so sorry.

Go right ahead simonsays.

+1 to that really, especially in bold

Danny Foley was the real victim in all of this, he’s trying to rebuild his life after his rape conviction and having him compared to Jugs and Bandage is exactly what he doesn’t need at this time. You can’t get out of that one by saying that it wasn’t about a real person you weasel. The priest below in Listowel will forgive Foley, but will he forgive you?

i disagree on both points really,
me and sid keep this place ticking over,
what do you want ? a forum populated with the likes of you and hbv?

was it him or yer man quill who fired that wan in the skip, i always get it mixed up,
the lads arent denying it anyway

i tought you ( and subsequently me by association) were banned from PM’ing over the flattythehurler incident?

cluiandiuc is online now, another self righteous knob ( the poster not the person who i really must confess i dont know)

I sense there are a lot of angry people at keyboards out there right now. This should prove fertile ground to lure unsuspecting innocents into my club.

fellas have drink taken now as well so it should kick off soon