The TFK Nightwatchman Thread






Indeed. Children ruin your life


I’ve been up since 6 as usual. I love that time of morning before the kids start trickling up.
Coffee, breakfast and radio.


Signing in. The eldest is teething


Give him some fennel leaves


Lambs hate fennel


You said he was 22 years old on another thread yesterday.


He’s probably chewing the mouth off himself and needs something to bring him down.


Awful night. I only got him settled around 6


FFS this is the most ridiculous of all the yarns you’ve tried to spin on here


He’s at it again lads. I’ll be making an appearance in the night watchmen thread around 3 or 4am


Hopefully the young lad will get them all in one go and you’ll be done with it then.


I’m just going to nod off there now for an hour now that I have him settled


Did you read him a chapter from Shutter Island before he nodded off?


Getting ready for the redeye


This is a little tradition of mine


Signing in… :disappointed: :eyes:


Congrats on your big win, put a stop to the Wexican’s little gallop.