The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


Hi Harry






Hello chaps, you’re up early. The night-watchmen fun police will be along soon handing out infractions for posting on this thread during daylight hours.


It’s pitch dark outside, mate.


Why are you up so early mate?


I start work at 8, mate.


Is that the best time to hit them mate, just after they rush out the door tof work hopefully after forgetting to put the alarm on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What a shithole.


You work?


What’s that behind you, chucks? One of seven million insects that can kill you with one bite. Enjoy.


You live in Australia, mate.


Yeah, mate, don’t you?


I can’t settle at all lads


I* can’t settle at all at all.

  • offspring


The young lad is teething
Jesus I can’t settle him at all. and I have to get a redeye to Dublin in the morning


Fwiw, just in the door from a first class lock-in. A crowd of oul lads that did time in showbands in London in the '60s. Great stories, Elvis Costello, Shane McGowan, Johnny Lydon, Lemmy, Joe Dolan etc all getting mentions at various stages. Proper troubadours, they lived some times.


Roaster heaven on a Monday night.


Squareheads won’t understand


The young lad won’t settle at all tonight