The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


Too early. Is this not after 3am and before 6am.

You pining for Fintan?


NYE 2017,lets hope we can grasp the occasion better this year


That’s a year and six days away.

Looking forward to it, though.


Thats fighting talk.


Is it?


Not really. Please suggest possible debate topics.


New Year’s Eve - is it better craic going out in Galway or staying at your computer to argue should the the USA invade Saudi Arabia?
Can Andrew Ridgeley revive the Wham! brand on his own after George Michael’s death?
How would English football have evolved had Hillsborough never happened?
Would Holland have been better had Johan Cruyff managed them at the 1990 World Cup ?
Which female pop star gave you an erection first - Madonna or yer one from Transvision Vamp?


After Sadaam and Anthony Cunningham, are some societies too fractious to ever unite?
Are Trump and Davy proof that celebrity beats ability in the addled minds of the hillbilly electorate?
Comey or Josie Harte, which intervention really changed the course of human history?
Tuborg V Molsons Canadian


[quote=“maroonandwhite, post:509, topic:9112, full:true”]
After Sadaam and Anthony Cunningham, are some societies too fractious to ever unite?[/quote]

Iraq at least has some chance. The other place remains as bitterly divided between tribes as ever.

Yes and no. Donald Trump is a racist shit while Davy Fitzgerald is a much loved character integral to the wellbeing of the game of hurling as a whole.

Harte’s intervention cleared the way for a bigger evil than Comey’s did.

Molson’s, people may be surprised to know.

Sympathetic to the palate in the way Canadians usually are.


Signing in.

5 pints in the early evening and in bed asleep by 11 o’clock, awake an hour now with no sign of the sandman coming back


Fell asleep trying to get the young fella to sleep and have been awake for the last few hours. I’ll be fucked tomorrow.


Signing in.


Just back from an ice hockey game and a meal. Relaxing now but the dogs are hyper.


He’s obviously a bullshitter, and not a very good one at that. US bound flights into SNN land in the morning time.


Did the dogs enjoy the hockey?


Signing in. Awake for an hour now…


Go to sleep, I’ll take this watch


In. Have a wedding @ 1:00 so just putting on the fake tan now.


Glass of wine, a book. Planning a trip down to FL in June to see U2, ticketmaster beats queuing for 8 hours.


its great to be alive lads