The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


It’s a cunt trying to get these lights from the top of the tree to the bottom symmetrically.

The wains are quiet thank God.




Poxy cunt of a head cold. Spluttering and coughing half the night. Should have had the whiskey.


Bull or heifer?


Tis grand and mild out there, she could have it out in the field in mid December, not often you could say that.



Just a spot of insomnia.


Im lonely tonight lads. I’m suffering from depression.


Pick out the winner of the Hong Kong Vase there, give yourself something to do


Am I too late for this ?
Sitting here in Shannon airport and the Christmas atmosphere is,at best, meh.


Are you collecting a home coming Yank? There’s a nice Polish lass working in the coffee place in arrivals.


I’m waiting on a New York flight alright. Must go check out the coffee stand.


Shannon airport would make you lonesome. Not a lot going on there. Handy if you are in the mid-west though.


The old spillover car parks are like something from a zombie film.


Just looking at flight radar there. There isn’t one plane landing there between 4 and 9pm.


I can’t settle at all. Must be the Chang


Neither can I my old epal. I’m fucked from drink.


Signing in


Cans of Stonehouse and Belinda Carlisle’s back catalogue will cure you of your ills, mate.


Seven days pal


Not sure of the reference there, pal, but my one was a self-deprecating one to a post I made in February 2012.