The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


Signing in. Sober as a judge


Glad to hear it. It’s a mugs game unless done in moderation.


Signing in.


Signing in. Blocked nose and Santa excitement related awakenings


Almost into my last two hours of work here. Will be pouring myself a hearty glass of whiskey when I get home. Couldn’t give a toss if it’s 6am


Stomach bug takes its next victim. Sitting on couch watching Back to the Future 2 as the second finally drifts off with me.


I can’t sleep and I’m incredibly bored.


Signing in. Though the small one is starting to stir so I’ll be handing over in the next half hour or so


Signing in. Ate a feed after coming from pub and ti’s sitting like a stone in my stomach


Never a good idea.


Neighbours just cleared. It has been a great Christmas. Wishing you all the best for 2018


I’m fucking knackered, and I have to go to a party. I was planning on heading over at eleven after a sleep, staying an hour, and fucking off home, but no, a fucking neighbour, likely wanting to save on a taxi, has booked a minibus, which I told her not to, at seven o’ fucking clock, and back at one in the morning.
Wifey says we have to go now as we (she) agreed to share. I told Wifey I’d pay for the shagging thing and get an uber later, but no.


The most overrated night of the year.


I’m absolutely seething here.
I haven’t the energy to talk to anyone.
There will be fireworks though.


*** This thread is off limits outside of the 1am to 6am slot lads ***


Have a great evening mate. Don’t forget to post all the celeb spots in the morning.


I don’t think anyone rates it actually.


I’m just sitting in the kitchen again, same as last year year only I’m 20 years older. The usual row going on in my house. Can’t wait for Creedon the kick things off.
I’ll visit my fathers grave tomorrow and maybe then it’ll sink in that he’s gone.
Hope to fuck it does because I keep forgetting that he passed away.


Take it easy horse, tough time but better times ahead.


I have savage insomnia lately. Been up since 3am