The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


I woke there.


I’m awake myself and I should be unconscious


An absolute hape of pints, joints and cans tonight. I had forgotten that clocks came round to this time.


Sitting on the jacks pissing out my hole. I can’t wait to thank the child in the morning for infecting me.


What an unhealthy lot you are.


Soft as fuck


Signing in. And I have to drive to Dublin at 6 o’clock. :sob:


Getting up at 6 too, littlest finally passed out after 2 hours on the go, only problem is my left arm is trapped. FML. Still, asleep so there’s that at least.


Little bollix awake for 3 hours. Just gone asleep now.

I’m now watching Calvary, fitting, the Priest knows he dead and he’s just waiting…Mrs Goode isn’t very happy with me after something or other earlier… I’d say getting shot on a beach be grand…


Haven’t been able to sleep right since December. Maybe 3 or 4 hours a night. It’s beginning to take its toll.


Night is darkest before the dawn mate


You should see a doctor mate, or failing that judging by your spelling, a primary school teacher.


Sounds like anxiety. Try and find the source and work on eliminating it. Have you tried pulling the stomach off yourself?


Harsh, he’s one of the better young posters. On a site increasingly populated by old farts.


It was a friendly jibe at my good e-pal @AppleCrumbled He knows no malice was intended.


I would have went through a similar experience in 2’15 and my tfk bros were both helpful and supportive. As labane said if its an underlying issue you’ll have to face and address that. No shame in getting help. Otherwise the old reliables of no caffeine in the evening and what really worked for me anyway, no phone, tablet or laptop screens for at least two hours before bed. Read something not overly tense, a good history book or bland formulaic gaa autobiography should help. @horsebox suggested lavender scented candles, the fact he was will to open himself to such ridicule to help out a stranger on the internet touched something inside of me.

There’s an insomnia thread too btw.


Please don’t put @Horsebox and the phrase “touched something inside of me” in the same sentence again please.


Who hurt you fitzy? Who took the laughter away?


Signing in.

Thought the fascia and soffit was detaching from the house there with the wind.


Great advice from @maroonandwhite

You’ll get through the day on 3 or 4 hours but it takes its toll on the body and fucks the immune system too.

If you’re a light sleeper and noise is an issue then having a white noise device beside the bed helps. This YouTube clip works just as well to be honest… And costs nothing