The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


I would gladly go to War with you, comrade.


Magnificent review.

This should be handed out at the pre natal classes.


I found myself nodding in total agreement & shaking uncontrollably also. A belter of a post.

And people say Cocaine is bad for you! :man_shrugging:t2:


@Rocko ‘s welcomed me back from paternity leave by asking me to review and moderate these two beauties of threads tonight.


Can you please shut down the site for a week if Limerick win or lose.


Bumped for all those valiant supporters stuck in motorway tailbacks as they approach the nation’s capital.
Doubtless @Fagan_ODowd has appraised you all re: suitable car parking.


Signing in I won’t sleep a wink tonight.


Signed in, out.


Signing in




Fuck it


Surely all our Limerick posters are already well past Nenagh?


In…back pain


Signing in. God damn it.


Are you from Limerick?


I am are you?


No mate, Galway.
Are you starting to crack? It’s ok, you’re among friends.


No. I’m fine apart from a dodgy meal last night that didnt sit well.


Signing in on behalf of the limerick senior hurling team 2018


This moon isn’t very impressive yet. I’ll give it another bit.