The Tonight show


First night of the replacement show for Vincent Browne. Tonight is Regina Doherty, Eamonn Dunphy, Lisa Chambers and Al Porter, whoever the fuck he is.

Doherty already going off on one.


Doherty going off on one . Chambers would get one .


I dont know. She has the look of one who be a cold fish in the sack.


Having both Cooper and Yeats on at the same time doesn’t work for me. Either one or the other. Why is Al Porter on ffs


Who is Al Porter? Seems to be the Matt Cooper show with Yates just popping in every now and again.


Pardon my ignorance of modern media, but who is Al Porter?


Porter and Dunphy very good


Dunphy out with the country is a kip line.


Fair enough but I wouldn’t mind to be given the chance to ascertain .


Al Porter is a comedian and has his own radio slot (2FM I think). He has been on the late late about 3-4 times, surprised lads don’t recognise him. Intelligent fella.


Isn’t he a member of the scarf wearing community


He’s a clown of the highest order - Bum and willy jokes is all he’s good for.


He got in a few digs at the end of the show. Saying that politicians don’t give a shit about the working class and that politicians would prefer not to deal with the working class. Cue Doherty and Chambers saying that wasn’t true and Dunphy agreeing with Porter. Porter also got a dig in at Veradker saying that he doesn’t care.


Al Porter is very astute … A man of the people.


Al is tremendous fun.


Is this show jointly presented by Yates and Cooper? Sounds like a Dinny O’Brien special, even Al Porter is employed by him.


Cooper and Yeats go head to head at drive time but then present together on the Tonight Show, you couldn’t make it up.

Fair play to George Hook who when he was head to head v Cooper 10 odd years ago had a picture of Cooper on his desk with the idea that he wanted to always be better than him.


Bum and willy jokes can be funny.


Yep the show is jointly presented by both of them, even though last night it was more like the Matt Cooper show with Yates butting in every now and then. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a bit of a mess, is it on nightly like Vinny’s show?