The Tonight show


It ticked all boxes required to keep the loons who loved VB tonight . Smug Blueshirt TD , bit of Totty TD , urban snowflake , pretend wealthy socialist , liberal presenter and grumpy presenter .


He’s gay but I don’t hold that against him. He is well able to play up the campness for comedic effect to make his living but he is a serious intelligent fella when he wants to be too. I think he’s only mid twenties and got a very good leaving cert but didn’t go into a normal career. He’s not come from much either, a council house in Tallaght, so I admire his graft and guile to get where he is to this point.


Cooper looks to be the lead presenter with Yates something like a co anchor a la Jim Beglin or Michael Duignan. It could get messy as they will undoubtedly step on each others toes at some point.


Some pair of hooters on the lady in the background in fairness.


As can tits and fanny jokes, or songs.

Like the Cliff Richard classic " Tits and fanny, why we don’t talk anymore"


Is that Colette Fitzpatrick?


Is the show capable of holding those two egos ?


I don’t believe so.


I don’t know. I didn’t see it.



Did Dunphy cry? Or recount tales of his own childhood, when times were hard.


Dunphy sounded close to crying but then again he does sound like that a lot of the time.


No need for two presenters, I’d get rid of Yates personally. He’s not made out for this.


Cooper is stuck in everything though .


The new theme music is not serious enough.

I miss the gravitas-rich single riff loop of the old theme music.

Cooper and Yates alternating the outro lines between them twice is hilarious.

It’s like when Brendan O’Connor competed with Craig Doyle to see who’d host RTE’s new Saturday night chat show, except that this time the contestants are co-presenting the same show.

One of these contestant presenters will soon FIRE the other.

Bye Yatesy.




*Hopefully I never praised him if so it’s a vile comment


Dunphy destroying Fionnan Sheahan here :smile:


Beaker seething