The Tonight show


Sinead O’Carroll appears to be growing her hair a bit longer again, which is good. I’d love to have a conversation about the just finished Winter Olympics with her as it appears she has nobody knowledgeable to talk about it to, and neither do I.


Jaysus these FG folks that are sent on these shows are all sniveling little shits. Already they are making excuses for the stonewalling in this cervical check scoping exercise.


Who is this anti EU chap on tonight? … Terry Prone is a stupid bitch.


Do people still watch this ??


Matt is not exactly neutral when someone expresses an opinion he doesnt agree with… he’s a smarmy cunt.


i havent a clue.


Hermann Kelly. He’s a nutter.


Very entertaining tho… for a complete whack job.


He’s a religious whack job. From Derry. Former editor of the Irish Catholic. Member of UKIP. He used to teach my brother religion.


Why is he a whack job?


He wants to be Nigel Farage… that’s enough.


Eamon Dunphy laying into Leo here “there’s no substance, he’s dumb”


Noel Rock is one smug cunt


He actually tried to counter what Dunphy said about Leo by dredging up some comments he made about the Peru world cup squad :smile:

What a gobshite.


Noel hit Dunphy a few rabbit punches there and when none came back from Eamon he upped the pace a bit and landed a few bombs!

The “Ronaldo is a cod” one stung!


He’s back tonight.


He was on two nights ago as well.


That’s some resume :smile:


Don’t forget religion teacher.

He was expedition leader when my brother went on a school trip rock climbing and abseiling in Dalkey quarry circa 1999.

Kelly apparently fell heavily and hit his head when he attempted to rock climb. It seems to have had a long lasting effect.