The Ultrarunning Thread


We’ve had our differences but as far as I’m concerned the feud is over. :+1:


unreal, imagine what he went through, it must be horrendous


Oh no poor Gary Robbins misses out. 60 hours and six seconds apparently . DNF


just saw that, wrong direction too apparently


His navigation fucked him over again.



it must be fucking savage


That was difficult to watch. I reckon he will go for it again next year. Yer man Laz showed more sympathy than I’d say he’s ever shown to a runner there. Devastating for the ridiculously bearded Newfie


6 fucking seconds. That is some kick in the bollox.


“I got all my pages, but I went around the wrong side of the mountain in the fog. I had to swim a river,”

Fucking hell


FAO @Tassotti

The race today which is arguably the toughest endurance event that exists did see a finisher– the 15th in its entire history. John Kelly finished in 59:30 despite having fallen asleep within the last hour and a half before the 1:42 p.m. cutoff. It was the biting cold weather that woke him up. He does not know how long he was asleep for.

Kelly finished in tears, looking like a broken man and wearing a plastic bag found on the course to help keep warm.




Unreal. I’m speechless after watching that ending. He missed the 60hr limit by 6 seconds! Do you know if Brett Maune competed this year? He has finished it inside 60hrs twice before. I imagine once you’ve finished it that it must be unbelievably hard to motivate yourself to complete it again. There’s one fella did it three times though. Do those fellas still return?


It was actually six but that’s irrelevant.

Even if he had made it in time, he would have been disqualified, as he went off course and didn’t complete two miles of the route


Maune didn’t return. Neither did Jared Campbell, the fella who has done it 3 times. He has been helping Gary Robbins with his training and said he won’t do it again


First fella to finish it was from Hull or somesuch I think.


I know two lads who did The Race up in Donegal last month. That would be a good event to start with, no?
Think it’s run, kayak, climb, cycle, run a marathon. Can’t remember the other distances and think it’s over 20 hours. Will look it up there



You’ve 24 hours to finish it. Cruelest race in Ireland but a walk in park in comparison to Barkley. Cousin’s husband did it the first year and finished with only half hour to spare. He’d to be lifted off the bike to go run the marathon


You’d want your head examined to be doing shite like that.


The wife of one of the lads I know who did it filmed him at home afterwards and the pain he was in. He said he actually cried at one stage. Is it worth it for that??


Dungeon this shit

Lads crying after a fun run