The Ultrarunning Thread

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Just two lads so far onto the 4th loop at the Barkley marathons, including Canadian Garry Robbins. Hope Robbins finishes it as he got to the final loop last year, but started suffering hallucinations and got lost

Signing in, I am just gathering myself here after an absolutely unreal day in Manchester, absolutely unreal, ABSOLUTELY unbelievable, I broke down crying a few minutes ago after I got back to London, one of the best days of my life


Sometimes I’d love to be you.

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What a way to enter the 5th decade of your life.

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I just want to say something, I lined up behind the 3:45 pacer lad at the start this morning and there was a lad running in memory of his daughter, he had her photograph on the back of his shirt, she must only have been 8 or 9, I had no sun glasses on today as I threw them away in a temper last week when things were getting tough, I started crying when I saw that picture, I was overcome with the emotion of it all, I looked around and saw the greatness of humanity lined up beside me. I run for a charity myself for a disease that shortens life, I said to myself " Tassotti, you have to do this today" well I didn’t go out and smash it in the end, I hit the wall at 23 and started roaring at myself out loud, I don’t even know what I was saying, the crowd was unreal, I started playing the chariots of fire theme tune in my head, i was grasping to anything to alleviate the pain. People of Manchester I Love you.


Fair play, mate. Nice to have some human interaction on your birthday weekend.

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Happy to give that heart rending post it’s 10th like

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Brilliant stuff pal. That’s one of the most powerful and inspiring posts I’ve read on TFK. Have been feeling sorry for myself because of recent injury woes but that puts everything in perspective and has got me to cop the fuck on

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I’d have both soiled myself and cried at the same time if I were in your shoes buddy. But I supppise that’s life.

Ps. Please not ever use the passing of a child’s life to garner ’ likes’ on the internet again. It’s disgusting. You cunt.


You should try it sometime

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Back on track here lads.

Scenes at the Barkley. John Kelly and Robbins made it to loop 5 two hours ago. They’ve just over 13 hours to complete it so are up against it


any updates?

No pal. That’s the great thing about Barkley. There’s no GPS, no tracking, or any of that shite.
It’ll be about 7 hours until they’re finished I’d say - that is if they finish it in time.

This is one of the few places for updates:

Robbins was second out so had to go counter-clockwise. Went the same way last year when he lost his mind up the side of a mountain. The two boys worked together the whole way around for the first 4 loops but this is when the race starts.

yeah, its like the marathon, the first 20 are easy, then the race starts

A phenomenal event. I think they’re going to do it. Was looking at some of the training Robbins was putting in. He hasn’t raced in ages. Everything for him this year was about going back to conquer this one.

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id say you cant beat going for a spin on a fine day with a few bottle of guinness and a sandwich and sitting down in a meadow to enjoy them

As nice as that post is, it’s slightly off-topic

cc @Bandage @Rocko


that’s out of line you prick
it’s clear that wasnt the intention in his post you horrible bastard


John Kelly makes it with half hour to spare @Tassotti

Unbelievable scenes. Kelly also made it to the 5th loop last year but didn’t finish

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We’ve had our differences but as far as I’m concerned the feud is over. :+1: