The Ultrarunning Thread


You cried like a bitch when your fixie was nicked. Get over yourself.


You’ve to be wired a bit differently to go to those extremes alright. Some fellas have signed up for The Race thinking it’s totally doable without taking into account the terrain and climate up there.


Fuck you


To take on one of these races you’d want to be equipped with a mental illness.


You’d want to be running away from something


I disagree, there’s people out there that like a savage challenge, that like to be out of their comfort zone the whole time, There’ a savage natural buzz out of it, you can’t bate it, hitting the wall in a marathon or ultra marathon and having the balls to overcome it, there’s nothing like it


Have you ran Boston? Doing it in a couple of weeks. From what I’ve heard and read it’s meant to be unreal.


That’s the spirit this thread needs.

There’s a serious buzz from being at one with nature and hammering away up a mountain, giving it everything and testing the body. I wonder about those who run 100 milers though - some of them seem well adjusted, whereas others have somewhat addictive personalities. For example, a good few swapped boozing for running (no bad thing). There’s a fella from home who qualified for UTMB but didn’t make it in the lottery. One of the lads said that whatever he was into (basketball, cycling, etc.), he went in full steam and became absolutely consumed by it.


No, its on the list for me, Its meant to be unreal. I have London and New York this year along with a few others. I have to say i thought Manchester was good, apart from the state of the roads, they were like something you’d find in Ireland cc @flattythehurdler


How would @mac fit the buggy in the kayak ??


its all in or nothing with me too, I have no time for weak bastards who have never even at least run a marathon


My first marathon is the end of this month pal. I’ve had to reassess my time goals after a few injuries. Looking forward to a few bottles of Guinness at the finish line.


You’re not leaving long to recover between Manchester and London? Fair play! I’d love to do London but hard to get an entry. Have ran Berlin last 2 years and it was very good. Perfect conditions and great course.


al that recovery stuff is in the head, its a load of shite if you ask me. I ran a brutal off road marathon two weeks ago and was grand after it,it really stood to me in Manchester


3 bottles of Dublin Porter and a takeaway from the Greek restaurant is what i always have, its a little tradition of mine at this stage


It’s a disgrace that there’s barely any options for Greek food over here on the island.


its great tack, very good for you


A fella who ran a 2hour19 indoor marathon the week before Barkley failed to finish the first loop in the designated time.
He ran another marathon race the next day.


Makes me feel right at home.