The Ultrarunning Thread


21 miles at half 4 this morning in 3:05



Killian Jornet under course record after 42 miles at the hard rock 100 in Colarado, an awful beast of a 100 miler, he’s going for 4 in a row. He dislocated his shoulder but didn’t seem too worried


speed session, 8 miles there at half four in 50 minutes


He’s going to do it @Tassotti


@Tassotti have you heard of Adam Campbell. Would be a good trail runner, would have regularly been in top 10 in big events. He nearly died last August when he fell rock climbing and spent a long time in hospital after. He just finished the Hard Rock 100 in 33 hours, about 9-10 hours behind winner. Unrale achievement to come back.

Watch the pure emotion in video


Here ye go lads.

Read it ffs


I ran what I thought would be a handy flat 50k today, by Christ I suffered, its funny the way the head goes sometimes


On a chance meeting recently I discovered that one of my best pals growing up is now one of Ireland’s leading ultra runners having almost killed himself with drink for 20 years, a real all or nothing character, had been the best u14 hurler in Cork before completely packing it in for running which he took seriously for a few years back then.


Training or a race mate?


I fail to see how it’s relevant to an imaginary run?


Race. New shorts aswell and forgot the bodyglide. My arse is torn assunder. Luckily I managed to get a scoop of Vaseline 15 in and shoved it right up into me




I love a three inch short when I am running. But they ride right up into you. I love running with my thighs exposed


That’s all made up by gym faggots who can’t handle a bit of honest cardio without whining about a pain in their knee


Its not. Fairly traceable substanial science with it


Scott jurek has decided to take his chance against me in the New York marathon


Two elites. I hope ye get to run alongside each other for a while pal. Ye’ll probably have time for a chat while all the others are blowing up around ye.


did a cross country marathon today, Jesus something very funny happened, I was bouncing along after 20 miles, I was fucked, because its roasting today, and I choose to run topless with only 3 inch shorts on and my top tied around my head for most of it. So I was savage dehydrated. Water stations only every 5 miles, anyway I was on my own running though a huge meadow and I heard some fucker with an Oirish accent shouting “go on lad, go on lad” this went on for about a minute and I couldn’t see the fucker, it was driving me ape, the next thing didn’t I spot a sheep, and it turned out it was the sheep baaaaaaaing, I immediately ate a lump of pink Himalayan salt and a jelly baby.

cc @KinvarasPassion @caulifloweredneanderthal


UTmB coming up, with one of then best fields ever for an ultra


You have a truly wonderful imagination, you’re wasted picking up the odd day carrying a hod.