The Ultrarunning Thread


He’s a bit of a knob all the same.(team Dean)


how do these cunts do it? the winner bet my by 12 mile today


A few friends trying to talk me into the Art O Neill in January, 50km starts at 1am in freezing cold up the Wicklow Mountains:


They don’t sound much like friends



proper running


are you looking forward to western states next week? Who are you tipping? Unless he takes wrong turn like he did last year, it’s hard to look beyond Jim whamsley. I think chris Mocko, who recently won the Cork marathon, could podium. He got 7th last year in what was his first 100 miler, and he has given himself this year full time at the running. He was the only one last year in top 10 without a sponsor contract


Massive weekend ahead @Tassotti

Western States weekend. Heard Jim Walmsley interviewed. Says his plan is to run splits that’ll keep him between 14 hours and course record.

Says if it all goes well, he will go sub 14. Unbelievable. He can’t comprehend not
Winning it and said he will be disappointed if he doesn’t break CR. also Said he eats pizza most days and has beers most evenings. Doesn’t change his diet in lead up to races

Documentary bout last year and so on:


Did you follow western states @Tassotti?

When I went to bed, Walmsley looked like he was in total control. Guts of an hour ahead of 2nd, 30 mins ahead of CR.

Then around mile 70, he bonks again. He runs so aggressive. Apparently he was very sick and pulled out at mile 78.

Can still see him coming back and using a similar strategy next year. He said yesterday he was “going to run without limits”

Nice line from him here


Nice tweet of support from this year’s sole Barkley marathons finisher


he’s mentally weak, that’s twice he bailed out, Jurek would never have bailed out


He bonked fierce hard mate. If he just went out to win the race, he would have done it, but he tore through the snow earlier in the day and got sick when it got to the extreme heat. Which is a little odd as he lives in Phoenix.

He’s a cocky cunt but if he goes back next year with a different strategy, he’d win it handy. Don’t know if He has the mental game though. At least last year he finished after everything that went wrong.

Be interesting to see how he goes at UTMB. Interesting to compare him to Chris Mocko. Mocko was a surprise 7th last year and race didn’t go to plan for him this year. Heard that he hurt his ankle early on, and another rumour was that he helped Walmsley out when he passed him. Mocko kept going though and finished 58th in 23 hours. Likewise, Kaci Liteig (sic) who was first woman last year had a real bad day (she’d never ran on snow in her life) but still kept going. It took her 24 hours and 2 minutes but she didn’t throw in the towel. She gave the race the respect it deserved.

Apparently the drop rate was much higher than previous years. Ryan Sandes, the winner, had much better times in his previous two finishes but came 2nd and 5th in them



its a ultra marathon, not a sprint


These ex track Lads haven’t a clue mate


Walmsley looks uncannily like the greatest ultra runner of them all, Scott Jurek. Is Scott retired now from competing? I imagine he’s still running but he is a low key kind of guy and would just go to the back and run his own races now for enjoyment purposes alone rather than fanfare.


he’s pushing on now, well into his 40’s its a young mans game


if you are serious about running, these are game changer watches


Did you get a few of them?


I ran 30 miles yesterday morning through deep woodland and never lost the signal, different gravy