The VAR Thread

FIFA have just confirmed this will be used at the World Cup.

What a load of bollocks.

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I can tell you now, this is the end. It is an absolute abomination and will destroy the game.

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Can the VAR make any ruling in terms of diving ?

Where rugby goes soccer follows. Hopefully they will take the same strong stance on doping as well


And therein lies the problem. Why follow a "sport: where the referee has to tell the players how to play and what the rules are, generally making them up as they go along. The VAR is a complete joke, it will kill the game.


Exactly. I’m telling you, not only will it destroy the game, but forums like TFK. What the fuck would we all have to complain about and be outraged about if it wasn’t for referees making eternal fuck ups. Sure thats half the attraction of sport.

A few tweaks and it’ll be grand.

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Bizarre var there robs Sheffield of an equalizer against Hotspurs

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Pity, as it was a lovely assist from Stevens to McGoldrick.

A shambles!!!

Sheffield equalize again but we’ve gone to Var again. But the goal is given. McGoldrick very good in the build up.

The line is parts of your body you cab score with.

You can score with a shoulder though

And your head

Out of curiosity can anybody explain to me what happens in a say situation like we saw in real v psg. There was a a minor foul in midfield and a red card and penalty was Chawked off. What happens if a defender spots a minor foul and does an attacker knowing it’ll be called back. He’s the upside of potentially injuring an opponent. Would he also get sent off or what?