The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


Flynn has mugged off Horan, mugged him off good and proper.

My observation of what I saw might have been close to the bone for some Mayo people but not others.

It’s perhaps indicative of the man’s own short comings and ultimate failure to get a very good Mayo team across the line when they should have won at least one All-Ireland during his four year tennure.





Flynn’s seething about the “backlash” nearly a week later. Is he replying to abusive tweets? I know a guy who might like to get involved.


Thinly veiled “where’s your fucking medals” air to Flynn’s seethe there as well. Refers to Horan as a former inter county manager and himself as an inter county player. Basically saying Horan wasn’t worth a fuck as a player and I’ve 2 AISF Medals. Top Top seething out of Flynn.


Is Reggie Corrigan a former manager/coach of O’Driscoll ?




Which nickname would you prefer? Genny or Tranny?






Even miracles have a limit .


She gave up in the last place she appeared.


Miracle Whip mayo used to be very popular in the west but it’s a case of to Hellman’s or to Connacht Gold these days.


You keep churning them out ?







The fact that it takes place in a bookies makes it better some how



We found @GeoffreyBoycott