The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


What’s your beef, specifically, with Aidan O’Shea, pal?


He’s a media whore.
A cheat.
Undermines his management team.
Fails to produce the goods.
Thinks he’s some surf dude from Orange County.


He thinks he’s from Armagh?


Orange County is in California, mate.


Well that’s clearly bullshit.


You’re an awful scamp


I never lie here so I assume you’re suggesting I’ve been codded?


Who is your source?


My sisters ex boyfriend.


Does he not have a name?


Not some internet no mark?


Of course he has a fucking name, that’s a pretty stupid question.


Well then why didn’t you give us his name instead of some irrelevant nameless and unverifiable connection?

You don’t need to answer that, I’m alluding to the fact you are talking bollocks.


Seeing as you are the oppositional viewpoint why don’t you tell us your name and I’ll tell you exactly who my source is, although I’m not fully comfortable with it, he’s my sisters ex boyfriend, knocked around the mayo panel for a few years, not well known outside the county.


I see. Are you the same lad was on here over the winter defending Cathal McCarron on a number of points?

Just trying to get a sense of where you are setting the bar when you describe Aidan O’Shea as above.


I think McCarron is a grade A wanker.


My name is well known across the forum.

It’s Gennaro Trancotta as I’m sure you already know.


Flynn is seething :clap:

To be referred to on a radio show and newspaper column as a “tit and an eejit” by former Mayo manager James Horan for what I believed was an honest observation is petty.

My observation of what I saw might have been close to the bone for some Mayo people but not others.

It’s perhaps indicative of the man’s own short comings and ultimate failure to get a very good Mayo team across the line when they should have won at least one All-Ireland during his four year tenure.

The same James Horan felt it appropriate when it suited him to invite this said “tit and eejit” to a sports seminar he was organising when he was struggling to get bums on seats.

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m neither of the above but for a former inter-county manager to call a former player a tit is quite pathetic. Sad man.


Where did he say this?