The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


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Prominent Mayo player threatens to kill surviving members of 51 team…
Nothing to see here…


Close. Roachford…Allegedly


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The 51 bar ???


What was the pm you had about someone recently? The one you didn’t send, well didn’t send me anyway.


Is he not a Family Man?


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Is it a serious injury? Double hip op per chance?


This confirmed as not true. I wouldn’t be that in the loop with people down there, so I should’ve kept me gob shut. The bizarre thing is, twas two Mayo people told me.
They’re a fucked up bunch altogether



I did a search for this last night and the “story” was on Reddit nine days ago. I smelled bullshit when the original poster couldn’t even get the name of the disease correct.