The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


Nembo has the inside line.


Mayo Syndrome is very serious and shouldn’t be joked about


A half hour journey and he’s switching clubs? Surely more to this :thinking:


It’s a strange one but didn’t he grow up in Cork? Would the family have any particular allegiances?


Thought it was Kerry no? I see they have a shoe-shop in Castlebar as well, for whatever difference that might make.



Was not that great as a young lad apparently.


Stuck at the S&C no doubt


Or perfect example of late developer.

Of which there are many. But they are lost to idiotic coaching


Vaughan has played senior football for Ballinrobe for 11 years, but was facing the prospect of playing in the intermediate ranks for the first time next year following their recent relegation.



Kanturk man


Well if the shoe fits…


Move to Clon when?


Never heard of a clon connnection tbh. Thought they went to kerry after kanturk


He played in Clon as far as i am aware.
Unless its that his auld lad was from there?


Dont know tbh



Another year, another bottle job. Delighted that we won’t have them faffing around in August before inevitably falling short again.


I guess that’s the end of the sponsorship deals for some of the bucks


Hopefully Holmes and Kenneally put the boot in now.


They had their chances