The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


Did they ask him why he picked Horan ahead of the other candidates?


Only caught the tail end of that interview on Off the Ball last night but he didn’t come across as all that likeable.

Molloy was fawning as ever and asked him about his occupation. Some logistics or supply chain manager for Heinz in Westport. Wasn’t humble anyway.

“We’ll I’ve progressed quickly through the organisation.”

“I’ve 14 people reporting to me.”

They threw in the Garth Brooks clip at the end too to complete the love fest.


That’s the rest of the Mayo team he is referring to I presume?



Name checked himself, Cillian O’Connor and “Lee Roy” as hopefully being the three players to lead them to an All-Ireland.


Works in Allergan.


He is some man.


Given he used to refer to Rochford as Rochey, I wonder what nickname he has for Horan.


Hokey,as in be the hokey


I’ve the latest from Jimmy Sloyan but it’s too big to upload - any ideas @AppleCrumbled?


GerCaff is back :heart_eyes: