The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


You’ve a strong history in making women cry alright


And you’ve a big nose


There’s always some cunt with a phone…


What a bunch of losers, good riddance to them. Bottlers.


Because they got drunk and had a singsong? What sort of wanker are you?


This is a complete fuck up by mayo management. Any team that wants to win shot should be flat out on rap music. Or some heavy drum and bass.


Garth Brooks? For all the hipster haircuts and trendy trainers and edgy advertising, they’re just a beige bland bunch of boyos. I suppose they sang the Coronas too…


Has Aido retweeted it yet? He’ll probably still get nominated for an All Star for it.


The cunt putting on the American accent for dramatic effect is the most offensive thing about all of it.


As the tagline from Gorbys used to say

The point is not to be different. Its to be yourself


Song for Ireland :joy:
Would you belt out Caledonia and Katie as well to leave all the women in the room with nothing?


I was sure he’d be a Caledonia man.




I wept when I heard Paulo Nuttini sing Caledonia at the Picnic back in 2 o 14.


Scottish singer sings Scottish song shocker!


Jaysus he sang that one lovely though


Garth :clap:


One fat talentless wanker praising another.


Pathetic. I suppose Aidan O’Shea is the type of crowd “Gareth” Brooks will be playing to when he comes here, and it’ll be the only time Aidan will get to Croke Park in 2019 if “Gareth” comes over. Haw haw. He’ll bring him out on stage most likely.
Maybe Mayo need to get Bressie into the back room team…


AOS on Newstalk there.
“You must have been delighted when you heard James Horan was coming back?”

“Ehhhh… Yeah, yeah”