The Weather Thread part 2


Graham Norton is looking even more smug than usual in that photo


Would I need my head examined flying into Dublin Airport around midday on Friday or can you give the all clear?


Have you a pilots licence?


No but I think I get the gist of it.


Practically fly themselves sure


Up = good, down = bad.


I played that flight simulator game a few times in the 90’s so if you need any help let me know. I manged to get it to take off a few times, but landing not so much.


I was a Falcon 4.0 man myself. Landing is a piece of cake, avoiding being blown out of the air by some Commie sonofabitch is the hard part.


If it gets bad I’ll close the place



Tonight’s runs showing that the worst of it will stay off shore to the west.


O’Dublin airport is like something out of the stone ages, I was transported around terminal 2 along with some fellow passengers last week in the back of a fucking ford transit


Super to see you’re checking in on boards!


Dunno lads,


Status orange announced :clap:


Looks like it’s more less missing us completely on the maps I’ve seen. The North West might get a bit of a breeze alright


In fairness to the media they take their info from the met experts who are well versed in this jargon. Increasingly our met service will cover their arses so much you could expect anything from a hurricane to a heatwave this Friday


If they don’t put out a weather warning and a tree falls over somewhere, they’ll be lynched sure. Easier to just put out a warning and cover yourself, but it fairly defeats the purpose of the warnings when they are put in place every time it gets a bit windy.


I’d say that contributed to the poor divil that got blown over the cliff in Galway last month. People are hearing too many warnings and paying no heed to them. A couple of days before that incident there was a high level wind warning for the East of the country. Turned out to be nothing more than a breezy night


I’m fairly sure the warnings were always in place but the Media just weren’t bothered reporting on them until Ophelia