🌬 The Weather Thread part 2

The storm season is upon us again.

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Were her tits always that big?

Photo shop!

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I love this weather. Fire blazing and looking out at the wind howling away , the rain pelting against the windows. Very tempted to pour a glass of scotch and just stare out at it until it gets dark


It’ll be dark for 8 minutes so you better make up your mind quick!

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Nah. Scotch is a weekend pleasure

It’s JR Ewing behaviour to lash into the scotch when you’re in tne door from work

Correct. I said I was tempted. But that’s all it was.

You’re doing well to be still up having been on the pints since half 8 this morning!

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Some night.

Electricity back on in Scotstown after a 34 hour outage.


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It’s raining heavy enough out there now lads

cc @TreatyStones

With Storm Callum expecting to arrive Thursday night, any chance we’ll have a long weekend?

Aren’t you only after a long weekend you lazy cunt?!

Sweep Sweep

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At the moment I’m afraid not. I don’t see this getting above a localised status orange, but that could change in the coming days. In a “worst” case scenario and it hits us bang on you could see the western half of the country going to red.

It’s not “expected”. But it could “potentially hit”. Fucking media should be hauled up for the way they report weather. They cause all this storm fatigue deliberately misrepresenting weather forecasts for clickbait

Speaking of clickbait, RTE dont seem to understand how they work :grinning: