The Weather Thread part 2


I think the colour thing is relatively new


Colour thing only came in after storm Darwin I think


Aesop called out these charlatans


All govt departments on standby for RED alert Friday.
Again RED RED RED possibly Friday :ronnyroar::pint::popcorn:


Not a hope of it


I know :cry:
I’m off tomorrow but back Friday for one day, it’d make a nice weekend if Friday was a duvet day.


I dunno bout that!




Windy enough tonight already. Very humid as well, strange weather for the middle of October @TreatyStones


Dunno lads, prediction is hairy enough looking for Friday alright.

Looking at their predictions for later next week doesn’t look good either with a big big storm potentially headed our way next weekend.


We’re on yellow in Limerick, as are ye in Tipp, so I’d doubt we’re going to be bumped up to Red. Orange perhaps but a double bump?


Twas a glorious day today


Plans are in place in the event of a red alert for my workplace.

Doors will open 1 hour after the red alert has lapsed.



The schools pulling another fast one :grinning:


We’re not scaremongering - this is really happening!!


Is that family of 9 still living on the beach in Youghal? They will need to move if they are with this storm coming.


Some of ye lads would want to have a chat with Tom McNamara, permanently outraged and permanently looking for reasons not to go to work. Tis easy know ye got it handy all your lives


Christ lads, you’d never think Armageddon was around the corner. Was a balmy 16 degrees in Portlaoise and Nenagh and not a puff. Back home now and not a whiff